Shreya Chauhan .

Does anyone have a different points of view
The fear of the people when our country's corona count was 100, is not there when it is over 150,000 today.

The answer lies in the psychological view of man. There is a philosophy called the "Kupler Rose Model". That is, when a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages. They are


1. Denial - Refusal to believe such a thing ever happened. For example, we all denied that Corona will come to us. Even it comes, repeated denial that it will not spread to our place due to hot climatic conditions.

2. Anger- Getting angry. For example, anger over the loss of income and the loss of normal life due to lockdown.

3. Bargain- Inwardly lamenting that the Corona may not have come had there been a lockdown since early days.

4. Depression - It happened and got people to go into depression.

5. Acceptance - the last stage. The other way around is to accept it. Example: used to live with Corona.

These 5 levels are not limited to Corona. Applies to all the problems in human life.

What will the wise person do ?
Going straight from the first level to the fifth level he will set to make next steps to progress in life.

He who is trapped without reaching the fifth stage becomes mentally ill.

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Amit Mishra

Models like these have led society to stay in ignorance. And then we think ignorance is bliss. I do not mean that we should be in denial, depression, or bargain, but just plain acceptance of the disaster is not the answer. Moving on with awareness is the answer. These models can come from observing the behavioral patterns of the majority. But humans have not evolved on the majority patterns but those few who bring a significant shift in survival behaviors. And those survival behaviors come from acceptance with awareness not just jumping to acceptance. I don't know if this made any sense to the readers. If it did, then congratulations to you and me!

Sitanshu Mehrotra

Kubler-Ross Model does not imply that everyone will go through all the stages.
One can directly experience acceptance; the model details the stages that a person might experience while getting to awareness.
It helps behavioral practitioners to understand what the person's standpoint is, and then help them cope up with grief.

The OP posted a simplistic view of how Kubler-Ross cycle works, you might want to look up Kubler-Ross Change Cycle which is often used by businesses to help their employees to cope up in the face of calamity.

In my opinion, it is intellectually lazy to not look up all the information about something before forming a judgment.

Amit Mishra

hear you completely buddy! And not at all trying to be judgemental, in fact trying to be exactly opposite of that. Yes, I know about the model and I have read about it. I have discussed in detail in the past with a few of my psychologist friends. My point was to not fit the model for majority observation and then apply it to a situation in general. These models can be complex to understand and such direct inferences made and posted online can be misleading when people are trying to find to believe in whatever they can cling on to since its chaos and utter sadness showed online news channels. If you have really implemented them or have read about it. You will know that not everyone goes through this same path, and the model itself is a flawed one, not based on empirical evidence. And even just acceptance of grief or calamity is not the right thing. The author of the model had admitted that it does not fit and it's not perfect. Although it can be a general purview of looking at things. But it does not put things in an absolute perspective. So I am not forming judgment but doing the exact opposite of that. I am trying not to infer from a non-evidence based model and apply it to such a complex situation we are in.

Vikas Sharma

First to fifth straight is that even possible? Without spending time u derstanding the issue how does one prepare to move on to acceptance. For a wise person I think there are 3 stages... Denial, anger, and acceptance...

Shreya Chauhan 

agree to it but in rare cases

Piyush Soni

I completely agree with you here sir, but long term anger eventually leads to depressions and now a person know that there is nothing he can do about the situation, so moving on by accepting the reality is the final option..

Vaarrun Shreshtth

Denial to Acceptance👍
Accepting that everyone including myself can get infected. Other way when lockdown is lifted completely is to assume that everyone is infected already and saving yourself by maintaining distance, using masks, using sanitizer can save you.

Piyush Soni

Thats a dystopian example but Crux of your thought is good here!!!

Madhuri Sen

You're quoting the change curve. And change resilient (the ones you call wise) just go through the phases of the curve faster. How we process change is a function of how our brain is structured. And some are more change resilient, some more resistant.It also varies with degree of change and the type. Everyone doesn't deal with it the same way. Shaming those who accept change slower by insinuating they are stupider (vs the resilient who are wiser) - is neither respectful of differences nor helpful. Psychologists often call the early stages of shock, denial and blame the "grieving" process. It's a required part of the process to ease into and accept the new normal, to heal.

There is enough evidence from various studies on the subject that different people take more or less time through grieving. Rushing them or shaming them either only harms them or suppresses natural emotions required to make it to the other side to the new normal. Some might take minutes, days or weeks to process, some might take years, some never quite make it to the other side. Bring kind might be better approach to respecting each ones journey. Vive la difference.

Organizational change management is something I consult on from an internal brand and communications management perspective. Here's the full change curve. The peaks and troughs represent the ability to perform normally while going through the stage or you can read them as emotional highs and lows.

Neel Anjan

True ... very nice informative post. But i am also wondering if there could also be a stage of - Fight.
Strong people are fighting against all odds it is not it ?
Doctors, scientists police etc

Piyush Soni

Yeah correct. But I think we are here talking about general masses.
For doctors and scientists this graph would not start with denial..

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