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HELP NEEDED: Advise on 'About us'

I'm not in the habit of beating about the bush. I don't want generic advise on how to build an about us. I want specific constructive feedback. If you are capable of that, please read the rest of this post and comment below.

Guys I've been operating my brand Wicked Broz from the last 6 years. We have been doing street art and graffiti in public spaces as well as beautifying offices, restaurants and homes. This was the case when we concretely wrote down what is Wicked Broz some 3 years ago.

My old About us that would go up on the first page of our brochure was aimed at telling people what do we do + what do we believe in. We wanted to be something more than just a graffiti agency. It read something like this:

What is Wicked Broz?

We are a group of passionate individuals who love to paint walls, bringing them alive with thought provoking art.

We believe that nothing is a waste of time.

Through graffiti we hope to spread positive change in the attitude of various sections of Indian society by promoting tolerance of various underground arts and hobbies.

A little bit of wickedness never hurt anybody. After all, 'Shaitani bina bachpan bekar hai, nahi?'

Reason for Repositioning

The reason for the repositioning is because we feel Wicked Broz has outgrown itself as just a graffiti or street art agency. I don't want to do name dropping but let's just say we have worked with the biggest brands in the country.

We are now looking at ourselves as transformation agents for public spaces. Yes, I feel there is a difference between the two.

In our adventures over the years with graffiti we realized that our culture lacks a certain sense of community when it comes to its involvement with art. We lack patrons, we lack funding and we lack an eco-system in which artists can thrive.

Graffiti and street art still play a pivotal role for us in that regard but the work we do now includes building local communities to foster street art culture, creating installations, helping brands create truly viral social media campaigns, organizing street art festivals and working with other genres of hip hop like facilitating performances through rap, breaking, beatboxing, parkour, football freestyling and BMX.

Keeping all this in mind, this is the new about us.

What is Wicked Broz?

Wicked Broz injects art into everything.

We do graffiti, street art, installations, workshops, hip hop performances, design viral campaigns, conduct the Ladies First Street Art Festival and are supporting the spirit of graffiti in Marol Art Village.

Anyone who works on our projects or interacts with us is a wicked bro in our eyes. However, for practical purposes, the management of this brand and its community falls into the hands of two people who have been there since the beginning, Omkar Dhareshwar and Zain Siddiqui. Together, with their partner Rishikesh Pandya and their team of artists featuring Aftab Ahmed, Dheeraj Singh and Prasenjit Bordoloi they are changing the world, one wall at a time.


Knowing the kind of work we do based on our Instagram handle and website, do you think this new about us adequately answers your questions as a first time viewer?

  • What do you feel?
  • Would you write it any other way?
  • Who should I consult about this if not you?
  • What would be the shorter version of this about us for social media sites likes Instagram?
  • What about those who already know me and Wicked Broz, what are your thoughts as existing viewers and people?
  • Should there be a different about us for you?

Links to explore our work:

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Sneha Malhotra

You included the What and the How and the Who!
You could include the Why as well.
People relate with that a lot.

Zain Siddiqui

Will definitely add that.

Akshay Patil

Yes. As I am a follower of Wicked Broz, I understand your new About Us. Maybe adding a "Why" would help give in more weight.

Diptesh Das

Few things:

1) What is Wicked Broz? It should have been: Who are WICKED BROZ for you?
Your idea is awesome so either it can be an INNOVATIVE startup and/or SERVICE PROVISION agency. So it's better to be creative in approach like your works.

2) Looking at the second para, I can say that it looks more like a description of your agency, not an about us! Tone could have been : From Graffiti to Street arts, we are a go-to body for all the truly WICKED IDEAS..... And so on (just an example)

3) Focus on firts two sentences to grab attention so you might want to check the EMV score of first two lines.

4) Make it more desciptive in nature after cooking a pinch of story in the beginning.

Zain Siddiqui

1. I don't want it to be who are specifically because its a brand name, not a group of permanent members.

2. Our earlier about us exactly as you describe - lyrical. But it doesn't specifically mention WHAT do you mean by Wicked Ideas. Hence, the revised version where we write down What Do We Do.

3. How to check the EMV score?

4. How descriptive do we need to be? I have a 2 pager about us also ready. But I don't think that should be the first thing to encounter users with when telling them in short what do we do.

Zain Siddiqui

A more descriptive story of the brand

Nothing Is a Waste of Time

Sitting in hostel rooms in Sinhgad Institute of Technology, Lonavla (Yes, we are engineers), Omkar Dhareshwar and Chahat Zaveri decided to stop wasting time studying what they were not interested in and spending time exploring things that made them happy. That’s when they came up with the idea to start selling merchandized T-shirts and home décor products to fellow students. One thing led to another and before they knew it, Wicked Broz was born.

Soon Zain Siddiqui and Prithviraj Mallick were roped in for creating in house art and selling it and in Jan 2014 we showcased our products to the public at a stall in Pune. We were getting good at making and selling them DevD portraits on empty beer bottles and Heath Ledger’s legendary Joker character on Canvas through stalls at flea markets.

Other artists starting getting in touch with us so that we could showcase their products too. For a while, we even tried experimenting with our own boxer shorts which frankly were a huge hit in the small quantity we made them. However, it wasn’t until Omkar met Zake that we finally found our calling.

Graffiti diaries

Zake had been in the graffiti scene for a few years and was trying to figure it own way forward. He gave us a first-hand tour of what it feels like to stand in the middle of the night and bomb the streets. That friendship would change our lives.

Over the next few years we started accompanying Zake and his crew of graffiti writers like Mooz and NME all across Mumbai for bombing and commercial jobs. Wicked Broz evolved from a merchandizing brand selling at stalls to India’s first graffiti agency.

Zain and Omkar would manage the clients and help out in operations and the boys would do their magic with spray cans on the walls. Puma, NBA, GE, Absolut, NH7, Techfest and Street of Styles in Brazil, we were everywhere.

Marol Art Village and beyond

What became evident during these years however, was that graffiti is only a smaller sub section of this larger public arts movement called street art that is sweeping across our country. People want workshops on how they too can paint. Art expression on large walls in small art districts will inspire locals to join the army.

For our mission of creating a dialogue between parents and children, people and artists on what is art, what is a waste of time and what is not, Wicked Broz needs to evolve from being just a graffiti agency to something larger. We need to be an entity that binds communities.

We need art companies in India who take more active participation in the cultural revolution in the society than just selling art. Zain and Omkar have already got some partners on board and are actively looking for more responsible people to join hands on this adventure.

Diptesh Das

everyone has different perspective to explore. But always personalising the brand should be constant cuz your team might change, but not the BRAND, that your customers know.

You can keep that tone itself and add THE MEANNING of WICKED IDEAS. Everything is possible in the world of Words.

Here you can paste your headlines: check the score.

4) one para of 50-100 words. For your startup, an about us can be completed in 400-500 words I suppose. The about us page navigation should be well designed and broken down with visuals and para so that readers can easily skim through 500 words without getting bored

Diptesh Das

this isn't descriptive. By descriptive I mean core focus on what your brand does. I think a cumulative description (short, with a CTA) is good for about us page. Let your readers click on read more and land on a page that tells more about what you do!

Diptesh Das

And yes, there can be a shorter intro version for Instagram about us, anything like this: "Indulged in Wicked deals since <year of establishment>..."

This is an about us page not a custom content so no need of variations for existing or new customers.That should be once and for all.

Proper hooking (sentences with EMV 40% + preferably)



Closing sentence directing to next pages.

Lol you can consult me, if you want to. That's what my business is all abou

Vijay Manjunath

Let's look into this as a story telling problem.

I understand your website is the place where conversions are happening.

This is the place your most passionate active interests are coming up and trying to know you before they get access to private & exclusive community you are creating.

Your vision needs to be told here in a story telling style. And Yes just the why part.

What makes your brand more human than the others. We can discuss more this in detail over phone if that's okay.

Zain Siddiqui

Thank you. Will try to add more storytelling.

Mansi Rastogi

My answer will be long. But I want to invite you to look at an about page differently. Because, think about it this way. Most about pages are ignored.

But who will go into your About page? Someone who's interested in you as a company. Someone who's looking to buy into your why IF it matches theirs. So I would write the page for that one person who's interested in knowing.

Unlike other businesses, you have an advantage of taking creative liberties that no one else can. Make it a treat.

1) The people who come to you are art lovers, inner rebels, like beautiful things and spaces. They may not be artists themselves but admire those who are. They long to be creative or explore that side of themselves. Acknowledge and address them.

Remember the "Here's to the crazy ones... square pegs in the round holes" - Apple ad. That is an about page no one could beat. Because it described the target and said we (apple) are that, we get you, so we belong together.

2) Keep it short and simple in terms of structure but show your personality. Ask what would they want to know about us. This is the place you show (not just use the words) ....SHOW your inner values. So if it's about empowering a community or helping artists thrive. Show it & describe how.

Here's a simple structure

3) Talk about the core team and founders with pictures. If I am buying into you, I want to see who you are and what drives you. You don't need long sentences. Just enough to help others decide if they like you or not. Hiding behind the company name would make it impersonal. And art is opposite... it is very personal.

I could go on but this should get you started. Hope it helps. Let me know either way.

Zain Siddiqui

Mansi Rastogi and this is why I tagged you. Thank you for this lovely response.❤️

1. This page is for potential clients honestly. Hence, trying to keep it creative with the first line and then diving into the services immediately so as to not to confuse them.

2. Love this about us page kink you sent. I'll try and include a line about our core values and mission in here.

3. Doing that already. Hadn't put it here since it would really elongate the discussion. But I'll try to push it further up.

Mansi Rastogi

Awesome. Here's another one that's done well if you want to encourage a community.

Pranav Kale

Ignore all the other responses and just followMansi's response.:)It encapsulates everything I would have said, except that she has said it better than I could have.

Here is one resource I follow for the about us page -

Zain Siddiqui

Haha. She is killer at this stuff. That's why I tagged her. This resource you passed is great. I'm definitely going to have a deeper look.

Neha Khazanchi

Hey, cool page!

Quick question, how many artists do you have working with you??

Zain Siddiqui

Currently wr have 3 full time artists and over 200 artists we are in touch with through our community efforts.

Neha Khazanchi that it something that didn't come across either through your page or Instagram.

Since you work a lot of artists, you could probably look into putting out artist a consumer I would be very interested in that.

This might me more Insta specific, but I have a few suggestions based on what I would personally maybe like to see/know, especially now when there's a lockdown and essentially street culture has hit the pause button:

1. Artist self portraits - either artists taking pictures of themselves or their surroundings. But just mundane pictures of them which conveys a bit about their lives, their influences and their psyche. The uniqueness of one's personality is conveyed through their art I think. I'd love to see a bit of that personality, but pictures are easier than reading through a story/article. Since insta has a 10 pic limit, maybe you could get them to take 5/10 pictures of their life through the day and put it up.

2. Humans of New York style of portrait with one interesting story/incident from their life (can be from any stage) which would give me an insight into a part of their lives. This would be more interesting to read than a regular artist bio.

3. I don't know if you have seen the Getty museum art challenge, but they got people to recreate famous works of art. Maybe you can do a bit of a twist on this and get your artists to recreate their own work, with mundane everyday objects. Personally I'd love to see this, how differently they could recreate their own work and how they would look at it now.

Sorry, not so much help with the about page, but if you're looking into getting more people to be interested in who you are and your work, personally speaking these things would tell me a lot more about what your company and artists are about, not just pictures of events and the art itself.

Zain Siddiqui

Hey, this is a very valuable feedback. I completely get your point.

In fact we are doing all of the things you mentioned. Eg. If you had seen our latest posts and stories on Instagram you would know that we are doing daily LIVE sessions with some of the best artists out there.

We are also doing Getty museum style challenges for the community on a regular basis.

However, the fact that you completely missed all this means we are not doing something right. Will look into it as to how we can improve the visibility.

Neha Khazanchi

That's wonderful!

Yes it seems like I totally missed it. I usually don't look at Live content or stories when I'm generally browsing through Instagram profiles. That's something I do when I'm following a profile and more invested into who they are.

While browsing generally I only check out the account pictures to help give me an idea of what the profile is about. A more personal experience is what would give me this insight.

Krishna Arora

I feel its good but what is your story?

why did you start wicked broz?

Stories generates trust and positive emotions.

Also what benefits does your client FEEL what happens when you create graffiti's or hold workshops or hiphop performances ?
An Instagram marketing course will get me fame , celeb status by the means of more followers.

And the ending feels like a description shortening it would help.

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