Adithya Shreshti .


The free alternative to ZOOM Pro is now available!

Just saw Messenger Rooms by Facebook available now on my messenger app. It is free for up to 50 people per call without any time limit. Best part - it has host controls and people without Facebook can also join.

Gradually, it will be available on WhatsApp and Instagram too.

1) Do you see yourself using it for your business meetings, online sessions etc?
2) Don’t you think it is easy for companies like Facebook and Google (Google Meet is also a Zoom alternative which free now) to kill small startups with just a launch of a new feature?

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Amit Khandelwal

Now gmail also have meeting option for upto 100 people. FREE

Adithya Shreshti

Up to 250 members till Sep 30th. Especially Gsuite users

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