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Introducing, Reactive Resume v2!

With nearly 1.7k stars on GitHub, around 100 closed issues and feature requests, I heard you loud and clear and revamped the project from the ground up, and boy, am I excited to hear what you guys think about this!

Here’s the link to the all new Reactive Resume:


Please do let me know in the comments below of your thoughts on the app, of it's UX, or anything. I value the posts I read through in this group a lot and I felt it would be really beneficial to get some insight from the folks here.

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Ansha Dixit

Neeraj Joshi Prithviraj Mallick Pratyush Shrivastav Prapun Kumar I how do you guys feel about this product?…See More

Neeraj Joshi

Ansha Dixit sure will check out and share my feedback

Prithviraj Mallick

Ansha Dixit I tried using this app with anonymous sign up..not sure if this is supposed to open like this or still work in progress at developer's end but the UI seemed to have some glitches on smartphone apperance..

Prithviraj Mallick

Has this app been optimised for smartphones yet?

Amruth A.

Pillai Prithviraj Mallick Hello :) No, it's not optimised for smartphones. It may work a bit well for tablets, but it's mainly an app made for workstations.

I mention this in my FAQ, saying it is a challenge to bring all these different elements into the phone, so maybe in the future I would work on a standalone mobile app. Please do let me know if you found the experience better on a desktop instead :)

Susmit Bhamare

Hey brother, I just checkout your website. But IMO this is too much text try setting it in vertical sections or add some illustrations if possible.

Amruth A. Pillai

Susmit Bhamare yes, I've gotten a lot of feedback about that. I might just remove all the text. I'm aiming for something minimalistic. Nobody's going to be reading so much text anyway.

Susmit Bhamare

Amruth A. Pillai Yeah in every section there's a lot of text. Try adding them in vertical layouts and keeping the theme in mind try adding some black and white kind of Illustrations. Rest its awesome man.

Dimple Khubchandani

Try adding some illustrations or a small self explanatory video on its usage .. Rest seems cool to me .

People do read big descriptions if they are actually interested .so dont worry about shortening the content .

Secondly ,can people search resumes on it using xray ,boolean ? Public profiles is it ?????? Or its private ?

One suggestion is try an make it mobile friendly too , if you are looking for good numbers ... About 70% ppl prepare and apply for jobs through mobile ...and its in their hands a lot ...

Amruth A. Pillai

Dimple Khubchandani the public profiles links are added under a file called robots.txt, so they are not indexed by search engines. The data is public only if you choose to share the link with anyone. I take my data privacy pretty seriously too, that's why I was paranoid to make an app that has the same level of security 😅

Dimple Khubchandani

I might not use it if its not search engine friendly .. However ,if you have given ppl a choice to keep it public or private then cool .

Amruth A. Pillai

Dimple Khubchandani no aim to make this into a social app, or something like linkedin :) I don't want people to be connected to the app 24*7. It's just a tool, that would be for one-off uses, to make a resume or update one. But I completely understand where you are coming from. No problem at all 😅 But please do share it with those who you might need it, to redo their resumes. It would mean a lot :)

Dimple Khubchandani

Amruth A. Pillai absolutely ...one more question ,is it just a resume updater ?

Amruth A. Pillai

Dimple Khubchandani resume builder, updater, printer 😅 You can get a PDF of the resume too. Not sure what your question is?

Viral Mewada

Your data is your data , none of my data ..haha nice

Aman Saurav

Hey I just check the website..On mobile I think there is a lot to test and fix. Below is the screenshot.

Amruth A. Pillai

Hey there, I am not optimizing for mobile at the moment :) It's just for workstations/laptops and maybe a few tablets.

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