Deepak Singh .

Marketplace to bundle service/product🤝🤝

I often notice that it requires a lot of effort for different businesses to work with others!

For example, let’s say I have a resort with the common 2 days 1-night package.

In my surrounding areas, there are other interesting services that my customer can have access to while staying at my resort. This could be nice restaurants, outdoor activities, and more.

If I want to partner with the other businesses, this typically requires a lot of negotiations and frictions. There’s a lot of wasted time and money before I can launch some campaigns that combine all these other services.😑

So what do you think, can we build a platform that allows seamless service/product bundling? 🤔

Wouldn't this make Business partnerships easy?

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Vijay Manjunath

Idea is good 👍 but not the right place to take feedback..Talk to local business owners (traditional ones)

Deepak Singh

Yes! But I think this can be done for everyone, not only local business owners. Yes majority of chunk would be them, but others can also be included!

Vijay Manjunath

sure. But that happens when you have grown and is at certain stage. Initially you got to target niche customers.🙂

Dheeraj Mehndiratta

One such platform is there, named "Expand My Business" https://www.exmyb.com/

Deepak Singh

I have checked the website. As far as what I understood, they are only providing services not really talking about partnership model!

Gaurav K Chhibber

SEAMLESS , Get More.

this can be wonder idea , tech can be of great help curated packages

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