Vishnu Vardhan .

A new era in human spaceflight has arrived. 🚀

SpaceX made history, becoming the first private company, to carry astronauts into orbit.

But this isn't about SpaceX. This is about Elon Musk.

Back in 2002, Elon earned $180 million from the sale of his company PayPal to eBay.

And what did he do?

He could have retired.
He could have started another internet tech company.

Instead, he put $100M in Spacex,
$70M in Tesla and
$10M in SolarCity

People called him crazy.
Off his rocker. 😑

And yet, he pursued.

But, his world collapsed.

Between SpaceX, Tesla, and SolarCity, Musk actually ended up going broke.

3 successive rocket launches failed.
Tesla was failing.

By 2009, Musk was living off personal loans just to survive.

He borrowed money for paying his rent.

Around the same time, Musk was going through a divorce.

The world laughed at his failures. 🙆‍♂️

SpaceX just had enough money for one more rocket launch.

Everything was down to that one moment.

And then, the fourth launch was a success.

The rest as they say, is history.

This leaves me with a question.

Are you willing to risk it all, to follow your dreams?

Are you ready to be branded insane and still follow through with your dreams?

Would love your thoughts. 👇

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Shivangi Bansal

I think it's too much Magic as we have put in the post. As we glorify Elon Musk. But the truth is hardwork is guaranteed success is not . So even though you can risk everything. You need to be ready to take whatever happen.

On the contrary it's not always necessary to invest whatever you have and go broke. Lot of Indian Business man who are now so called rich continued to grow business from small. Example BTW. How they raised to this level is truly remarkable

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