Vijay Manjunath .

If you are an investor and happen to be reading this, read it in full. You have a great opportunity to be part of truly the best price discovery algorithm executed in a fashion that speaks simplicity & is easily the most comprehensible business model.

The question you should ask is what will make us fail?

Rise of smartphones?
Rise of internet economy?
Rise of hyper local brands?
Rise of part time entrepreneurs due to #WFH virus?

All these will add strategic value to our growth in future which is yet to come. The game is going to get better only from here on. Expect to see great companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft being born out of these historic pandemic event which is unfolding right in front of us. With the vaccine yet to be discovered & which may happen in very long 18 months. These months are too precious & so needed to start thinking of part time income with potential to become full time. Who wouldn't want to be a businessman?

You will see politicians across the world will make some smart moves to get the economy going. Trust the smartest person with great convincing story telling skills having an army of best brains in the world! Just imagine the future 😍

Earlier today you might have read the story I have shared about my business journey.

This is the other half of that story . Read it in full, I promise it will be worth the time.

Our vision is to create economic opportunities for everyone.

Current goal is to create a platform for photographers & photo studios and other agents & single person entrepreneurs like retail shop owners TO DO online commerce of their industry products with latest ecommerce TECHNOLOGY i.e. WPAs

We even support local languages. Currently only english & hindi. Adding languages is our NUMBER 1 priority from tech perspective.

Photographers can sell the best selling photography products with modern technologies such as camera and other equipments companies which sell to photographers. Photographer can discover & form business relationships with camera and other such companies using the platform directly from their home in their own language

They can sell photo gifts & photo merchandise to their clients to generate side income.

Photo studios can connect with these photographers and sell their items in wholesale rates (including drop shipping service to end customers)

Businesses who are having photographers & photo studios as their customers can contact us, we can help you to put your products to your best customers.

Businesses who provide supply chain 2 online businesses like hyper local delivery can connect for partnerships if your APIs is ready. Providing delivery support to our primary customers is of great importance to us from core operation perspective. After all execution is the only weapon to tame demons.

We are hiring for multiple roles in sales, tech, operations etc. PM if you liked our story & would like to add value by being passionate promoter & equity partner of the company.

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Nipul Jain

Few Questions:

Why would i list my Best Selling Photographs or share them?

I can get the shipping and hard copies of required pictures or Framea from Zoomin for my clients requirements? Why us?

Camera and other Equipments could be connected with Amazon, Flipkart or any other E-commerce.

Professional Photographer's could be hired through Wedmegood and other wedding sites.

Could you through more light on the USP?

Vijay Manjunath

Each of your photograph has monetary value attached to it. It just need to reach the right audience, for that to happen there need to be a great distribution system needs to be in place. This distribution system should have all the rightnetwork with their offers.

2. Zoomin is a potential business partner. It has great print facilities which can be leveraged by everyone, there are many such zoomins in India at local level with better pricing.

3. Same with wedmegood. These are lead generator for all photographers and would be good value addition to have. They can be our perfect partner.

We are most of tech enabler for these photographers and it's related market.

We are just organising them with a different and unique approach as opposed to being consumer facing firm.

Nipul Jain

 Is it a B2B2C or B2C model?

Vijay Manjunath

Currently only B2B.

We might launch a consumer app once market matures

Nipul Jain

I am more of an Financial Investment - Equity, Real Estate and Financial Operations person. We do more work on Equity side.

You need any help on consulting or other operations related services I am always happy to be there/help :)

Vijay Manjunath

We need help in developing friendly systems for putting in laser focus on growing using business finance as one of our fundamental character.

If you can consult me on these pro bono basis, that would be great.

Manish Chauhan

I am sorry but i dont remember reading a more confusing pitch. I read from top to bottom and wondered 'kehna kya chahte ho bhai?' Are you trying to create a Shutterstock competitor? Are you a service provider to Photo Studios?

Your pitch needs a lotof work. Make it more focused and straight forward. Instead of beating around the bush about world trends, politicians making smart moves, ecommerce technologies, price discovery algorithm and how it is the best startup ever. Investors appreciate if you can communicate your idea in as few lines as possible.

hat's the spirit! If you do that, you will go far my friend.

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