Piyush Soni .

A new way of Freelancing!

From a very small number of people to masses pursuing it, freelancing has evolved in the past couple of years.

So why not change it a little bit further!😁😁

A platform that would be dedicated to empowering you to create or join your freelance dream teams.

You can invite your favorite freelance colleagues from around the world and take part in shared projects.🤩

Collaboration instead of Competition!👬👬

This platform would also help you to build a dedicated team page, handle team setup, invoicing, insurance, and promotion of your team.

You would be allowed to join/create multiple teams. Hence the idea of Networked freelance teams.💪💪

Would you be interested to be a part of such a platform?

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Devang Pandey 

For sure thing, bro. 💜

Piyush Soni 

Currently in which field you are freelancing ?

Devang Pandey

Currently, I'm into writing articles and blogs. But, not written for any clients yet but share my own written stuffs through community on WhatsApp

Piyush Soni 

Oh that's good, what do you expect from this kind of platform then? What things it should solve?

Devang Pandey

expecting some avid readers who knows various literature, psychology & neuroscience around countries. And, should be having profound knowledge of technology as well.😅

Piyush Soni 

That thing you are talking specifically in yoir field? What about the whole platform. How should it be established?

Sarang Surendra Bhirad 

Sounds great. 👍🏻

Piyush Soni

Would you be part of such a platform? If yes what all things you expect from this?

Sarang Surendra Bhirad

Would definitely love to be a part.

What do you mean by a platform? Just another Facebook group? A forum? How do you plan it ?

Piyush Soni

Not facebook group basically it would include various freelancers from all over the world. you can interact with them, build connections and if let's say someone posts a project there, he or she can invite other freelancers and vice versa!

Definately we can start with a facebook group though for initial connections

Sarang Surendra Bhirad

Sounds interesting. So the platform shouldn't be completely democratised, as in all eggs in a basket...

There could be communities formed within the same or specific skillsets, where those people discuss and Collab for that skill niche.

Ofcourse people can interact in any community as per their requirement.

Regular content to educate freelancers should be delivered from the community creators, regarding legals, skill building, lifestyle challenges, communication and sales skills, etc.

Too much possible.✌🏻

Piyush Soni

Exactly, now you got my point! community differentiation would be there. That would make it run smoothly.🙂

Elanchezhiyan Ragavan

Looks interesting

Piyush Soni

What pupose it should solve? What feedback you would like to give which establishing such platform?

Elanchezhiyan Ragavan

Collaboration tools
Project management
Payment splitting
Work splitup and allocation

Piyush Soni

Those are indeed good points that we can incorporate in this platform!!

Elanchezhiyan Ragavan


Siddharth Verma

Being a full time freelancer. Here are my 2 cents
- Most freelancers already have their own small community. I have multiple of whatsapp
- When it comes to hiring freelancers. The person who is hiring them have the major say
- In order to make this platforms work to discover freelancers it would require to add projects, experience, etc. And sooner or later it will turn into fiver.
- Super hard to monetize

PS- The last two points are probably the reason no such platform exists.

Piyush Soni

Yes probably you are speaking right! How can we rectify things so as to make a platform like this?

Shivam MalhotraI

just dont get the collaboration thing because its not required I guess (I'm not a freelancer and if I've to hire a team then I'll look at an agency).

Also check bonsai,its a great platform for freelancers which has almost everything you mentioned already covered.

Shabana Khanam

There would be disparity if u have a freelancer in Europe/USA and client in Asia .however the other way around will work out better

Piyush Soni

Disparity as in can you please elaborate?

Rashmi Vallabhajosyula

I feel this would bring more equity to freelancing. Eg : a digital marketer from Asia and a sales person from Europe may work together for an American client. Making sure the Asian makes more money than serving only asian clients. Also it would be fairer and more transparent. It would mean a lot of cheapskates who want good work at bargain rates don't use the platform...but that's ok.

Piyush Soni

Correct, definately all your ponits are valid! This platform can do a lot of better things for freelancers actually

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