Satyajit Das .


I created a simple website (https://www.indianalternative.com/) which shows various kinds of products made in India and the items link to their corresponding online order page (e.g. Flipkart, Bigbasket, Amazon etc.).

This can be useful for people who want to help Desi businesses by buying Desi products.

This is an initial try having 50-60 items.

So feel free to check it out & give any feedback/suggestions. :)

Jai hind!

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Abhishek Kumar Jha

Also appeal people who have local manufacturing business, to list their products on your site.
If they don't sell online, they can at least be reached via their ofc address or phone.

Satyajit Das

Thanks Abhishek! I have added the above point in the website so that when more people look at it, they can reach out to include their business.

Rob Peck

Nice work!
As it grows, curious how you figure out the supply chain.
Now just to play devils advocate - should Amazon and Flipkart (Walmart money) be options?

Satyajit Das

Thanks Rob!
Nothing against companies from countries which are not trying to kill our soldiers or people.
So there is no direct reason to avoid Amazon or Flipkart:)
Having said that, if there is an Indian alternative for supply chain of certain products, then surely they would be encouraged.

Ra Ghu

very good concept but very cumbersome, Ideally make this a plugin for browser, show the alternative whenever people are shopping on Amazon, Flipkart or any website, do this immediately before someone copies it if you want to capitalize the idea

Satyajit Das

Thanks for the idea!:)
I will start working on it once there is a big enough list!

Akshaya Bhatia

Good idea, and good site to start with, but some limitations, very few items at this time, may be there are many different Indian made items that include machinery, cutlery, stationery , any other Indian made item etc, etc that are not known to be soldor supplied online through well known ecommerce sites, they should also be covered, with the address of availability. If the item is available at multiple sites, can show comparison of prices, but that's optional. Also, main site could remain open in a frame, so that the user should not have to move to and fro while navigating. For adding on more and more items, there should be a invitation banner, and a form to be filled for the manufacturers or dealers to apply for adding in new Indian items. Believe🙏site can generate revenue by advertisement of products, or having understanding/ contract with the sites, it is directing for sale transactions...

Satyajit Das

Thank you so much for all the detailed feedback! I will take these into account.
I didn't understand the following statement & if you could give an example that would be really helpful:
"Also, main site could remain open in a frame, so that the user should not have to move to and fro while navigating."

Akshaya Bhatia

Satyajit Das just open a new window for the site which is being directed, let your site remain open in the background, on closing the visiting site the user should be able to come back to your site for further use, after doing the needful..

Zain Siddiqui

Also, wondering what's the algorithm behind the listings? Manual scrapping cannot be the answer to scale.

Ra Ghu

Nope it has to be automated like the plugin "Honey" , it checks and provides the best deal for the product you are buying

Satyajit Das

Zain Siddiqui
Thanks for your comment!:)
I agree that manual scraping can't help scale well enough but it isn't straight forward to write an algorithm to find things that may not exist in the internet or may be very spread out.
Maybe an algorithm to find some relatively popular Indian brand products can be easier but when it comes to local small business products, I'm not sure how to look into it apart from trying manually for now:|

Ra Ghu

Thanks for the idea. Yes the plugin idea would be much easier to do once there is a big enough list.

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