Rajesh Garg .

Need feedback for the Idea!

So basically the idea is to reach out/target minor influencers and YouTubers.

Basically looking for folks that are gaining traction but aren’t big enough yet to the point where they’re already bombarded with advertising offers.

Then doing a one on one consulting session with them, and figuring out what types of brands they align with!

The last stage is to connect them with the brands and break an advertisement deal for them where the influencer will test/share/promote the product for the brand.

In return, I will charge a small percentage fee from both sides for the brokerage (or perhaps just the influencer/YouTuber).

What do you think of this idea? Does this seem feasible?

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Ra Ghu

 Try it out!

Rajesh Garg

I feel this is something no one has touched yet! Any advice that you want to add here?

Ra Ghu

Not much, looks like a good idea and a win win, dive in, you will figure out , if it works great, if not there is a next door anyway:)

Piyush Soni

Looks like a good idea to me! Only the % fee would be given by the influencer not the brand!

Rajesh Garg

Yeah I also feel that same way! But may be some small companies who are eagerly searching for someone but not finding the right person to endorse, may give some amount!

Abhishek Samant

Yeah why not. But the success would depend on the approach that the different brands would take. You see, established influencers kind of bring with them a guarantee of your products being seen by hundreds and thousands of people. The same cannot be said about emerging people. As in I don't doubt their potential. But then will the brands want to play the wait and watch game? Just a thought.

Rajesh Garg

May be!! That's the hit and trial thing! If company's budget is good, they can take help of more established ones but if it is on a strict budget emerging ones are the way to go!,

Arijit Saha

Abhishek Samant if you are targeting emerging content creators or influencers..then why not go for emerging brands and startups..in reality they don't have enough money to spend on big influencers..
Emerging brands + emerging influencers..see if that works..start charging.

Abhishek Samant

true. You have a point there. I don't know how much the social market would change post Covid but yeah it would make sense maybe for new startups and smaller business owners

Mohit Prajapati

Good Idea..You should must do market search on this as I have seen many AI powered platform doing this ..they help in drafting marketing plan to finding influencers then budget plan etc etc..

Pranav Agarwal

You want to be an agency for influencers!!! Go for it.

Punit Gandhi

I am non existent. But plan to start something soon. Would be willing to explore the opportunity if you are interested at this stage.

Dhaval Wathare

AFAIK this is being done. Its called micro / nano influencers. There are agencies building platforms around this.

Seems to me that the challenge mainly will be to identify / manage things at scale.

Ritu G

It is feasible... There r many agencies managing micro influencers

Happy to collaborate😀

Shitij Malhotra

lets name some competitors, existing platforms doing this?

Nishant Kumar

I tried the same thing on Instagram , connecting influencers with brand. Let me know if you want to discuss

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