Rohit Nair .

Hi, this is an Idea Validation post. Admins and Moderators, please help me by tagging the people who can help and others are welcomed too.❤️
It’s been more than a year that I thought of this idea. After being through depression and anxiety myself, I thought to myself that how many are there who need this. I checked the suicide rate in India and its massive. The happiness index of India is bad.
I wanted a solution to this and to be honest, professional help is the best solution possible.
The problem is :
1) Therapy is expensive
2) Therapy is a taboo

I want to build a platform which can connect the therapists with the people. The Aim is to make Therapy cheaper and breaking the Taboo by content marketing and making therapy as one of the things everyone should run through.
The target audience will not be the rural population of course but make it cheap enough that the middle class and higher can access it.
Depression is a big issue and Professional help is a solution and its proven.
I have not discussed about the revenue model here but I want to know what do you all think about this idea? What are the problems you see? What are the risks? And what scope do you see for this? Any other suggestions will be gladly welcomed. Please help me with your thoughts.

I can’t find a better place than this community to open up to about my idea so really looking forward.❤️

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Giri Thiyagarajan

I had thought about this two years back and always wanted to do this once I am bit settled. It will help so many ppl for sure. Problems will be in creating this ecosystem, there are many video calling apps available for doctor now and they cn also use zoom WhatsApp video call. There should be an ecosystem built around mental health well being and then you can make revenue from there as commissions, tie ups..

Rohit Nair

yes you’re correct thank you for the imput❤️

Shitij Malhotra

Need of the hour
Problem 1. Lack of enough therapists
Problem 2. A therapist can only do 4 cases a day, then they get tired

What would you do for marketing?

Rohit Nair

only 4 cases really? Can you tell me how do you know this? Because one session is like 1 hour then how can they get tired after 4 hours?

Shitij Malhotra

they get exhausted because it is emotionally straining for them too

Shivam Malhotra

Tbh practo and other startups in that domain are already offering this service,even cure fit has it I guess.

A lot of mental health startups & communities also offer it.

Validation? Since it is being done by many,the idea is already validated.

How you can differentiate it from others would be the real deal because therapy sessions start from hundreds and goes up to thousands depending on the therapists.If you start charging customers what the therapist charges + a markup then its a broken model because many customers will contact the therapist directly either first time or second time (something which happens on Practo).

I booked a doctor on Practo and the doctor charged me ₹500 while I was waiting at the reception,one patient was being charged ₹400.Next time,I went as a walkin and they charged me ₹400 only🙂

also,what could be an issue is that most of these big startups have standarized prices for counselling sessions as most of the counsellors are onboarded at a fixed monthly salary (my guess) - something tough for you to do.

Have thought of this idea a lot of times but because the marketplace will never have full control and there would be very few repeated sales (almost none),I've dropped the idea but yes all the best because in between this hustle bustle,we need someone to listen and most of the times there's no one around🙂

Rohit Nair

Do therapists get enough clients? Also Practo doesn’t promote mental health much. I am looking to target this niche because it is important. The competition would be from the other mental health startups!

Shivam Malhotra

I'm sure they do! Know a few and they lead a pretty good lifestyle.We dont hear much about them because in India its a taboo to even talk about it in the open.

Because Practo doesnt have to! How many ads have you seen of Practo recently? None,in my case.They already have a large user base and they would be doing decent in this niche too I'm sure.

Yes yes its important and it has a very bright business opportunity in future.People are successful but lonely or not satisfied and they need someone to listen but most of the people around them are busy in their own life.

Rohit Nair

you’re right.

Shivam Malhotra

just try to work on the business model first because the idea is well validated.

Abhishek Kaushik

YourDost is a startup which entirely focuses on this. I had used their service few years back. Not sure if they're still running. Can check them out

Rohit Nair 

is it free?

Abhishek Kaushik

they had freemium model afair

Chitman Kaur

worked on this concept 5 years back. This is a real need however you need to be trained in this field. Passion is not sufficient since this is emotionally draining. Also the trained professionals are too loaded with their work that they are unavailable for creating new avenues.

However this is a real need. Do jump in but be aware that it will impact you emotionally

Rohit Nair 

every business has an emotional impact anyway I guess. Any idea about how to breakthrough the problem of overwork of trained professionals?

Chitman Kaur

I dropped this idea during MVP because I realised that while this is an important thing to resolve, I am not the right person to solve this...

PS - Once again, you need to be trained to handle this sort of product emotionally. It can hit you hard.

Rohit Nair 

can you guide me on the steps you took while making the MVP?

Swaroop Evani

just a few thoughts

1. look up for the demographics of those affected by depression. BECAUSE, a substantial part of that population ( Teens, home-makers, elderly etc) do not have the individual freedom to spend on such services without anyone's knowledge. SO charging for such a service, itself might work against it.

2. the mindset of people often prevents their family members from seeking outside intervention / support AND the very idea that maybe I should talk to someone outside my family, itself is difficult to inculcate.

3. also try segmenting the cases of depression based on what causes it. Intuitively that should give insights on whom, when and how to approach.

4. I am not against asking people to come forward and seek help, but MY INTUITION says the self-help way of solving the issue may not go very far.

Rohit Nair

Thank you so much for these inputs it really gave a broader perspective and yeah the taboo is a big challenge in India. Will work on this! Also completely agree with the first point I think the same!

Praful Mishra this.....They are working on similar lines

Rohit Nair

thank you so much for sharing, this will help me in my research!

Bakulesh Rane

What I realize online theory sessions are useless not huma n actual connecting like online meeting not as productive the person how can train people in practical session has upper hand & leverage with Virtual Reality would be useful - by a psychology perspective rest would be not consumer friendly if only online

Rohit Nair 

thank you for the Input!

Arunaday Basu

The idea is fine. The question is, how far are you ready to go to make it successful? Because I don't know whether you have begun interacting with psychologists yet. It's tough, to say the least. I have been in conversations with this entire group regarding something similar long before and I have even talked to an existing platform who are also ready to do something if the idea is there. Yet, it's difficult in the field of psychology because psychologists generally don't like a few bucks thrown at them for their consulting charges. Consulting charges are huge and the way we have created this world now, if the patient does not see high charges, they do not see value or experience in the psychologist. That's just how it is. And then you will get complaints from the patients saying that the psychologists did not attend to them and their condition is worse now. This is something you gotta handle and I don't know how feasible it is to handle something like that in business.

Rohit Nair

I agree this is something that needs some intense brainstorming

Rohit Nair

I would have not said this, but let me say it anyway.

90% of the people who NEED mental help cannot AFFORD metal help, even if I consider a normal patient will require 4 sessions per month at Rs 500 per session.

When you were suffering with your problems did you even have a Netflix subscription with your own money that you would get a mental help subscription?

There is more awareness and marketing for Netflix than mental help.

So what are you gonna do? Create a platform for the 10% of patients who CAN afford mental help?

I am a realist. So let's get realistic.

I know mental patients personally. They don't need a psychologist. And I think you would know this. They need a FRIEND.

Which is why I thought the person who said that she is a homeopath could really be the one who could help someone. This has been researched on - how homeopathy has basically contributed to mental health in ways that you and I don't even know.

If you create a model of subscription then it means you are leaving out patients who can't afford it. And if you create a free platform then you won't be able to continue the work because you wouldn't have money for it.

Now, think about this since I have given you a lot of dimensions to the actual pitfalls.

Rohit Nair

With all due respect Sir, I disagree with that point where you said “They dont need a psychologist, they need a friend.”

I would like to add that a person definitely needs a friend to be beside him to support him but what he actually needs is a professional help. I have talked to people who have been through depression.

I asked them if they had friends who asked them and were concerned, they said yes, I asked them if it helped, they said “To be honest, no.”

I have never encountered one person who says that “Therapy didn’t help” but I’m sure there must be some but I’m also sure that the percentage would be very less.

And I didn’t really understand the Netflix reference with respect to mental health but as far as I know, Netflix’s branding and awareness pays them off even if people borrow someone else’s account because there are 182 million paying subscribers as of first quarter of 2020.

But I do agree with the revenue model POV which needs the work.

Arunaday Basu

agreed. Join Discord and you'll see a couple of possible solutions I posted under the channel called ideas. See if you like them.

Finally, I'll give you a counter-offer.

If you think you have the grit and tenacity to work more than 8 hours a day on this then I would be happy to be part of your team.

I work on rural projects so I am definitely interested in rural mental health as well but that is something we will anyway work on with CEASAR (since we have already worked on so many other things).

I don't mind working on urban mental health as well.

Rohit Nair

thank you so much for this extended hand. I will surely contact you!

Arunaday Basu do a lot of projects all the time here. Join if you want. Right now also we are talking about this post there:P

Jatin Kanojiai

I Had the same idea an year ago , I talked to few people who have taken sessions from psychiatrist / psychologist or a therapy sessions....the major hindrance coming was patients and dodctors werent comfortable for online sessions . The "IMPACT" of treatment will get get loose if sessions were done online through video calls or something else but online. so ....i didn't approached the idea

Rohit Nair

thank you for this input! Will keep this in Mind

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