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Marketing made easy!

How many of you want to promote your product or business in an easier way?🤔🤔

Here's an idea for all you guys!

A site or an app where online stores and people can reach influencers and pages easily!🔥🔥

The idea of this app would be simple. People who want to promote their brand or their product can find influencers and pages related to their niche marketing.

It would make your product marketing a lot easier and time-saving as this platform would provide a curated list of all the influencers with the price linked to their social media platforms!🤩🤩

What do you think, would something like this be beneficial for you?

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Vinay Kevadia

I had got this idea few years back. But i thought the main problem is top notch influencers will never agreed to show their pricing or their name in list. The deal/price/name must be confidential.

Bhavik Jain 

Any reason for not showcasing their prices?

Vinay Kevadia

This is because on their social media accounts, influencers would only like to endorse a product the way it shouldn't look like they are advertising or promoting that product

Bhavik Jain 

Bu everyone is aware that influencer takes money to talk about a product.

If you go to tagmango the prices of the influencer there is easily available

Or it can work in a way Sulekha works

Prachi Bhatia 

Yes it will be really helpful

Bhavik Jain

It is hard to find good influencer for various platform. What features do you think should be there?

Prachi Bhatia

As a entrepreneur I look at following things -
1. How many followers do he or she has on social media
2. Has that influencer done any campaign that involves products like my product range(this will help me understand the kind of audience he/she has)
3. Commercials and offerings
4. Average number of comments on the similar post he/she did before

I think above are few basic things that should help anyone

Bhavik Jain

What about ROI?

Sooraj Kumar R

 There are a ton of such influencer marketplaces

Bhavik Jain 

Was not aware of that, can you name a few?

Sooraj Kumar R

2. Influenster
3. Grapevine Logic
4. REP
5. FameBit
6. Mention
7. Gatsby
8. Traackr
9. Revfluence
10. Open Influence
11. NeoReach
12. Upfluence
13. Webfluential
14. Onalytica
15. BuzzSumo
16. Ninja Outreach
17. Blogmint
18. BrandBacker
20. Pitchbox
21. Markerly
22. Hypr
23. Julius
24. Klear

Astha Jain

Many such apps already available. I registered on a few just to see how they work but never really pursued. They send tons of emails. Most of them count you as an influencer as soon as you have 5k followers on insta. They don’t check the authenticity of the followers - they can easily be bought followers who would never engage, which is unfair for the ones who pay for shoutouts


Quality is part of my plan and the app will help people to connect real Influencer

Astha Jain

Would you be able to judge who has fake followers? And because you will be covering many platforms - do you think its doable?

Bhavik Jain 

yes some factors needs to be set and them judge people on the basis of that

Astha Jain

oh ok. That’s cool then 🙂

let me know if you have more questions. I filled up forms for quite a few of them😝😝😝😝

Harsha Mv

it's a very useful feature. We have been doing this for the last 4 years and worked with over 150 brands.

Indian Brands still expect a service and diy is still not largely adapted. Finding an influencer is just a small part of the whole processand easiest! Managing Communication, executing a coordinated Campaign, managing the payment dispatch are touch when you talk about campaigns at scale.

Working with 1-10 influencer you can still get by using an excel sheet! How will Brands handle it when they have to work with 100s Influencer?

That said! If anyone is looking to integrate Influencer Marketing into their marketing and need any help please feel to reach out!

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