Nikhil Jain .

This is something you will love it if you're a student or even a working professional. Launched a special tool. [Free to Use]

Understand your skills better & map it to see what are your best-suited careers along with its international pay scale.

A question asked more than a million times by students & working professionals about how & where can they make use of their skills?

Usually, people get trivial & limited recommendations like Data Scientists, AI/ML Engineer, Web Developer, Product Manager, Digital Marketer.

Hardly people know that their niche skills & understanding have different purposes also opening up more opportunities.

To help students, we have built an UBER COOL SKILL MATCHER tool for you.

This will help you understand- the skills you have, where it can be used & what would be its worth in those professions.


-> Do visit the link and try out our Skill Mapper Tool.

-> Do Share the Screen Shot of What skills have been suggested to you!


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Hitarth Sheth

You can also try it in one by one format, like one question on one page and then swipe / next button. I know it's difficult to achieve it in web version + it's long too so might not work, but just a suggestion...:)

Shraddha Goyani

Nice and quick. Good for students making a career choice. It picked advertising and PR for me:).. very close!

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