Sandesh Soni .

Please recommend FREE and better alternative to Google Analytics.

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Sandesh Soni

Honestly I dont understand how to use GA ... need easy one


I would suggest you to take the free Google analytics certification course by Google!🙂

Sandesh Soni

Can only I website be configured for 1 google account/gmail?


no, you can add multiple assets (websites) under a Google account

Tarun Kumar

lot of tools- Yandex analytica comes first into my mind.

for mobile apps

Gunjan Srivastava

Yandex Metrica

Sandesh Soni

Thanks! Hope its easy to setup and use

Gunjan Srivastava

Yes , easy and crystal clear....Though I read about the data security some where

Abhishek Samant

So some website hosting sites give you a basic analytics tool. That is generally included with you web hosting or domain purchase. Those are fairly decent. You can use that. If you're using Wordpress then you can look into the free version of Jetpack or Monster Insights.

Sandesh Soni

You are right, I dont deny. Can you suggest external tooks like Google Analytics... TIA

Aditya Bhatia

I shared some Analytics Tools in this post.

Bharat Garachh


Mani Kumar

Matomo, always

Sandesh Soni

Piwik ... Matomo ... is a free plan available?

Mani Kumar

It's open source, free if you self host it. Paid if you make them host it.

Naveen S Garhwal


Nikhil Jain


Prashant Gupta

can you add one more part to your question... It'll help community in large...

How must the suggested scripts/analytics code effect the loading time?

Every 100ms matters. I could reduce 400ms by reducing FB Pixel in image tag.

I wish to ask the same with people who have suggested various options...cause SEO is also impacted by this.. N ranking does matter..

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