Shikar Sharma .

Need advice for e-commerce business!

Which is the best place to start your e-commerce business - Amazon or Flipkart?

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Santosh Joshi


Maadhav Saxena 

Your own site

Shikar Sharma

Don't have that much budget? Btw what do you recommend for site?



Maadhav Saxena 

go with shopify, use free theme, will hardly cost $50/month

Saurabh Gunjal

Own site + Amazon.

With your own site you get valuable customer data and feedback.

With Amazon you get sales.

Go the 'Bombay shaving company' way -

Put popular products on Amazon, and keep new innovative ones on your own site. It acts like a magnet for customers and next time they'll probably check your store right away.

Shikar Sharma 

Can afford to make it on budget! What would you recommend?

Saurabh Gunjal

WordPress - Free

Hostgator hosting + Domain - ~Rs. 5k

WordPress theme - Free


Gaurav Agarwal

None of them! Both of them !! IF you want to land in ecomm than do not miss a single platform which can fetch you in sales. Whats harm in listing same product on same price on 10 more stores and sites like amazon .. Its you who killing your initial sales.

If you can invest on own website than go ahead.. else start with all major marketplace and understand your customers and response on your products. filter the best working platform after a year and than ask yourself again which to work most!

Shikar Sharma

Ok thanks for the suggestion!!

Nivetha Murali

It entirely depends on your category. There at the sellers who do good on Flipkart
Few do good on Amazon

On a average people get good sales on Amazon. So I would suggest you to visit register as Amazon seller
After you have listed your products and starts working on ads register yourself on Flipkart and also paytm

Abhik Chowdhury

Depends on product and reach you want to get. Own website and FB ads is time consuming. If you have time to build your brand and with less selling initially then own website is good with FB ads. But if you are looking for achieving sales marketplace isbest. Now, coming to which marketplace it again depends on the product your are selling. If clothing line, Myntra to go for at any cost! If consumer durable goods then Amazon and Flipkart you shud present in both. Now to achieve sales within these platform has a different ball game. It has its own criteria as per marketplace.

Shikar Sharma

Thanks for the info🙂!

Tejas Chaudhary

Why not both? Some products perform better on one platform than other.

Abhik Chowdhury

To achieve the reach.

Tejas Chaudhary

You mean trying both will reach to less number of customers?

Abhik Chowdhury

Sorry I read your comment now properly, you and me on the same boat. Both the marketplace shud be leveraged for sale!

Harsha Mv

It's not about amazon vs Flipkart, if you are building a brand. It's about adding as many channels! I never buy from flipkart but I know PPL who never buy from Amazon!

It's about adding sales from all possible channels and increases over sales! Even start a website!

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