Bhavik Jain .

The Indian government is trying to add another feature in its cap by giving 5 Lakhs to a few companies for building an alternative to Zoom. (Other non-Indian Video Conferencing Platform)

Zoho and HCL are among the list of companies whom government have shortlisted to create the platform but why give them 5 Lakh rupees? These companies have enough money, to create a prototype and participate in India's hackathon. I also believe, that instead of selecting such large companies they could have called in for Startups as they are more zealous when it comes to creating such products to fight against the global products.

What do you think about this decision?

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Jeet Parekh

Equality. And in anyway money will not be a factor while building the alternative

Bhavik Jain 

what factors are there ?

Jeet Parekh

so many.

Execution, design, load handling capacity, ability to suit to indian needs, etc.

All of this for MVP can be built in and under 5 lakhs.

I mean u dont need 5 lakhs for building a MVP

Bhavik Jain

Also why pay for building an MVP? why cant you ask people to build and then bid?

Jeet Parekh

yess thst can be done. This was small incentive cor small companies to build and showcase.

Bhavik Jain 

I am not aware of all the names of the companies but Zoho and HCL are not small at all

Siddharth Gangal

It takes real money to create a world class product. 5 lakhs or 1 crore doesn't cut it. You need tons of engineers.

Bhavik Jain

So what is this 5 Lakhs for? A peanut just to lure these companies in?

Ajeet Meena

The 5 Lakh & 20 Lakh was just to attract startups, entrepreneurs & developers towards government schemes (Schemes which shows they care and doing big). This campaign successfully went viral also. Some people actually went into building a solution blindly without knowing the finalist are already selected. Glad to save few people from wasting their time.

Bhavik Jain

If they wanted to attract then they should have kept the application open till now but they have already selected. Two our of those 10 companies are big companies and for them, 5 Lakh isn't that a huge amount.

So I am not able to understand why the government is giving 5 Lakh?

Ajeet Meena

They cannot keep it opening forever. As many people applied and wasted their time they were in eager to know the results. Each year they release thousands of crores budget for startups and only gives away few crores (2-10 cr generally).

Amitabh Songara

Me and my friend tried to build but due to load of work from company, we weren't able to.😁😀

Lakshan Sathasivam

True that dude..we are an edtech startup called edaim..we provide AI chatbots for automating an institues adminstrative/academic processes along with an AR based customised curriculam for educational institutions. We also provide a secure online classroom portal much better than zoom..but the govt dosnt care about helping out startups like us..

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