Krishna Chaytania .

One of my friends is looking for a job and applied in a company. They had a discussion and and they asked him what's his salary expectation he revealed his last CTC and told them his expectation. They asked him what's the salary drawn in last 3 months. It was lesser than the CTC because of paycut. So they said they'll consider the salary with paycut as base and then give hike on it and not on actual CTC. If his paycut is 30% in last 3 months they're ready to give hike of 15% so he will be working on 15% net lesser salary than previous. This is how some of the companies are taking advantage of the current situation. You can't expect people to work and give their best with this type of treatment. In future just don't cry on some of your employees that they're not being productive if you are trying to do cost cutting during pandemic in this way.

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Shubhendu Singh

Companies who don't take care of their "people" and "process", ends up making shitty "Products"

Shivam Malhotra

You know what? Dont take the job! Its a demand & supply game not a 'who is ethical' game.Your friend is lucky to get a job at this time with a 15% cut,my father is working on a 50% cut and he's among the senior management in his company.

also,apart from payroll where would the major cost cutting happen? when there's no business,there's no point hiring humans too,right?

Griffen John

Yea, some companies have been leeches.. its better for him to skip this one and look for another

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Why would he switch? He can reject the offer right?

Aditi Chadha

CTC etc stuff is confidential and how can anyone reveal that about their previous company as its their confidential info and subject to NDA. You need to tell this to the new company. Also payment should be based on skills and work to be done and also demand vs supply situation. What the last company was paying is confidential and should not be revealed, unless you get a release from that company. Would your friend want to work for a company which asks such intrusive questions.

Anaggh Desai

Aditi Chadha utopian thoughts. Doesn’t work in india.

Shivani Jha

Aditi Chadha sadly , almost all recruiters do ask the last CTC drawn and expected CTC. Also , mostly people resign only when they get offer letter from the new company is what I know of.

Aditi Chadha

I think that’s why it’s important to know how to frame it and discuss it. Also to know what u bring to the table. And how valuable it is. If it’s not valuable then I guess the employee is powerless.

Surender T Natarajan

First of all why is your friend leaving . Is it because he had a pay-cut or some other reasons ?

BTW market is bad, people are getting fired and lots of companies have gone for paycuts - not a great market as of now !!

Anaggh Desai

Let’s not talk Utopian here. Face Facts and Reality. Companies ask for proof and there is no rule saying they cannot or should not. Prospects and employed lie. The offer is based on you being the best possible candidate on that day out of the ones that turned up. If you don’t like the rules, get to the top and change the rules.

Aditi Chadha

Absolutely that’s what I’m saying. Be so valuable that u change the rules that are non value added. If one is non valuable only then they are powerless. That’s why build urself to be really really good.

Srinivas Renikindi

Why is your friend leaving ? Not liking the work he is doing ? Or is it due to the pay cut ?

If it’s the first then try more .

If it’s due to pay cut then the next company is not unreasonable.

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