Mansi Kumar .

Hi, the last few weeks, many of my shipments have gone awry and are not traceable. The total value is more than Rs 50K and many of them are rare, antique pieces, which are irreplaceable.

In addition, one parcel had pilferage to the tune of Rs 8000.

These were booked through #shiprocket and used #delhivery as the shipping partner.

They seemingly have no customer service and one can only escalate matters using tickets and emails. The response is automated.

We've reached out on Linked In, and despite repeated follow ups, there has been no action.

We're losing tremendous amount of goodwill, apart from the angst and effort in daily follow ups.

Does someone have a connect with Shiprocket/ Delhivery whom one can speak to and escalate this to? Anyone facing a similar problem.

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हेरंब केसकर

Delivery is third. Class service. My supplier has booked the parcel on 15th July it was picked by delivery by 16th July and I have received the parcel today.

Mansi Kumar

completely agree. My packages dispatched on 11th July are still in "transit"

Bhavesh Agarwal

Tweet to them on Twitter, You'll get immediate response.
Secondly don't use Delhivery. Use Bluedart , Ekart or Xpresbees. Delhivery is over loaded right now

Mansi Kumar

the tweet tip is a good idea. We've already started working with Blue Dart and India Post.

Manish Chauhan

Ekart is the worst of the lot. 100% of the shipments will either be delayed, damaged or lost. Not even a single shipment made over the past 2 months has been delivered as expected.

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