Amit Mishra .

Do you think companies like Byju's and other online learning systems like Byjus growing in the education sector killing learning experience for children?

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Albert Nam

can you specify the details? i can not really grasp your statement

Amit Mishra

These initiatives are serving the same learning process inside a smaller box. Its classroom learning inside a smartphone. The same stuff literally just with a fun way of explanation. I think we are not using the real power of technology which can be used to push us to learn things from around us. It should push us from the smartphone to discover the outside world. Instead of imparting me learning from the screen entirely.

Rut Vora

Amit Mishra While I agree to your thoughts to some extent, I myself prefer studying online
I haven't used Byju's or similar apps, but I do use coursera, edx and udacity
And the reasons for that are:
1. Better teachers and better visualisation
2. Can increase or decrease pace as per my convenience
3. I can watch it in my own time.

I believe that instead of schools can be made differently. Like instead of having classes per se, maybe you can have just discussion sessions and labs available to the students. The students can access the lab anytime and conduct the experiments from online tutorials (along with friends if s/he wants)

Amit Mishra

Rut Vora I am not saying online learning is bad. What you are doing is picking and choosing as an adult. Children don't get to choose in case of their learning process. Yes, you do get good teachers on Coursera or other platforms like these. But that is only one part of the learning it can offer. You don't limit your learning to just that. The difference is, here you are choosing and defining your own path. In case of children apps like byjus are applying the same logic what you just said but they miss the important point that they are feeding it to the already fucked up system and calling it self learning.

Tools Titian

There are lots of excellent apps excluding unacademy and byjus

I am in class 12 and believe me till march I depending only on an unacademy youtube channel for my education but when the lockdown started, I started searching for more and more apps.
And guess what, I discovered finding many applications which are better than unacademy and its totally free. The free lecture, test, notes, DPP.

With the help of doubtnut my doubts in 24*7 cleared in 3-4 minutes. Which saves my time and i can follow my passion side by side.

Its not killing learning but helping us to grow and learn from the best teachers for free. My every coaching and school friends take help and they need support from online classes.

I am enjoying and learning now and felt, there are many people who really work for students and not for money.

As money is also important because they have to pay to the teachers, servers and etc expenses.

I am not defaming any edu-tech company, just sharing my experiences. As there is many things for the middle class and poor they just need to search.

Amboriish N

I think they are doing the best thing our broken system, they are promoting mass production or learning in this situation! apps dont solve any problem. You need human connection to learn and understand!

Dhruba Jyoti Purkayastha

Khan academy is much better.

Plus Byjus exploit the fear.
Dirty way of selling.

Just check posts of Dr. Aniruddh Malpani, he have shared lots of stuff about Byjus and chief people officer of BYJU'S accepted the same.

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Byjus main focus is sales and not content

Bakulesh Rane

Then Can Buy Other Startups😇💯💯💯🔥with that pile

Krinal Mehta

online learning is the new way of learning

killing or improving depends on how they do it, and more importantly how it’s consumed

Amit Baliga

Have my thoughts but want to be very clear on the query - when you say children, you mean kids only till classes 4th or 5th or beyond that too?

Rajeesh Nair

Online learning must be seen as the new medium and if executed well, it can help quality education reach every nook and corner of this country even post-Corona.

It is not an unknown fact that we don't have sufficient teaching staff or may I say enough quality teachers to educate our young population. This young brigade is our asset and if we don't nurture them well, our strongest asset will become our biggest liability. With online learning, proper education will reach everywhere and kids will get equal and fair opportunity to scale in their lives.

Surender T Natarajan

Current platforms are making sure that every student has as access to good teacher and content .. that's all .
In the end , a student's performance is measured by students performance in school exams and entrance exams , so the edtech companies are serving that need !!!!
Until unless evaluation changes , we can't expect a widespread changes in the students learning outcomes !!!

Amit Mishra

I guess people are equating Byjus and Online Learning to be the same. It's not. When I want to learn and understand something I will search over the internet, find people, talk to them, or do something, apply that thing in my own life and learn. But what Byju is doing is just taking the entire curriculum and putting it online to replace the coaching system. It's feeding to the already worse education system which we have. And calling it self learning. The children were already in a box in a school classroom. Now they are putting them in another box called an app. Self learning is to research, explore, discover, practice, reflect, share. Online learning is exactly the opposite of what Byju does.

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