Sairaj Mahesh Nukala .

40,300 Cyberattacks on Indian Banking, IT & infrastructure companies from past 5 days😲

Indiabulls & Cognizant faced a massive ramsomware attack amid of the lockdown and now Indiabulls data is available in Dark web.

China is performing DDOS, Phishing and hijacking of IP attacks targetting indian companies.😠

Cyber attacks has damaged the robust of systems of Indian banks🏦, payment gateways and startups.

Apart from companies, individuals are facing phishing attacks on personal emails.

There are many applications which are installed on our devices without users permission.

While our Indian forces are raging a war on the border, we need to be digitally safe to face any cyber attack online.

Indian Startups are their targets and let's digitally sanitize our systems and applications to be secured.

Have you faced any cyber attacks recently?

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Abhishek Chaudhary 

Many of my banking clients faced the issue

Arunaday Basu

Arey my own laptop got affected by ransomware. Had to reset windows and erase everything completely.

This is not a hoax. It's happening.

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

Yeah, ransomware attacks are targeted towards individuals. Sorry for you.
But can you provide the basic information security that individuals need to take to not victimised of these attacks?

Arunaday Basu

This is for everyone's reference. Guys there is a free Kaspersky ransomware detection tool. Keep that installed in the computer and it should at least detect the virus.

If you get affected by it, generally the virus just encrypts the files into something non-readable.

I am still researching into the exact way to recover these files but there are decryptors available for that - look for the exact type of virus it is and look for the decryptor for that.

My laptop got affected by something called the Phobos ransomware - it's a variant of the Dharma most probably

Coming to the possible solution - you will be able to boot into windows so you can easily go to Settings->Updates->Reset

And reset your PC to the last restore point (if you haven't updated your windows recently) or just clean your windows drive and reinstall windows (that is an option as well).

Your files and folders are not destroyed. They are just encrypted. So don't delete the files if you want to recover them. Take it to a security consultant or to your hard disk service center. They will probably charge you but will recover the files. That's the best option.

Akhil Kumar

My domain got hacked on the 3rd day of purchase and nothing was even hosted yet in the domain

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