Rajesh Garg .

Are Online Marketing Certificates worth it?🙄

I'm talking about Google, Hubspot, Facebook, certifications.

My brother is at the initial stage of learning Digital marketing and wants to learn more about it so as to get a job in the future!👀

I don't know if getting these online certifications help, most people told me they don't matter and doesn't help u get a job, even if u have them on ur resume.

What are your opinions, are these certificates worth it or is it just a waste of time?🤔

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Bharat Garachh

You can get like from LinkedIn, nothing else or you can check your knowledge

Rajesh Garg

Ok so if we keep these on our resumes, would it help in anyway?

Bharat Garachh

not sure but have certificate then better to show it.
Ultimately, they will ask practical and technical things

Rajesh Garg

Yes for sure! But I think sometimes this gives an edge over others! Ultimately seekhne ko to milega hee!

Rahul Rajvanshi

Heard of CXL, Demandcurve, Reforge ?

Rajesh Garg

Reforge I have heard about, It basically helps you to build your marketing skill, right?

Never heard about Demand curve?

Rahul Rajvanshi

no reforge doesn't help you to build marketing skills lol they won't even accept your application if you want to learn. You need to be working in a growth role for minimum 3 years to 5 years then only they accept. And they help you master the skills they offer to the zenith of it.out of 20k applications per batch they only accept 500 and charge 3 lakhs. It is the world's most advance marketing training. I was their a part of their last cohort for SaaS monetization and pricing strategy by Patrick Campbell and my application for advance growth strategy this year still got rejected. So it's tough to get in

demandcurve is a y combinatior backed digital academy which teaches marketing skills to individuals and teams via their growth marketing certification. One of the best in the world again if you are starting out. But CXL has much better content compared to Demandbase

you get get a growth marketing job at top companies with CXL and Demandbase(of course implementation is important )

You can be a a growth leader in any company with Reforge training

Rajesh Garg

Ok So basically you are saying lean marketing skills from CXL and demand curve and then go for Reforge! Am I right?

Sorry if I didn't get your point!

Rahul Rajvanshi

both CXL and demandcurve are not important. Choose one as both are same
CXL content is top notch and gets very complex by the end but no human touch i.e. no live sessions with trainers

Demandcurve has option to opt for personal sessions by paying extra.

I recommend CXL

Hope this helps ?

and reforge after 2-3 years of implementation as a T shaped marketer and make sure you have good growth engine already running at place to implement what you have learned because they teach very very advance stuff

Rob Peck

Those are all very different ones.
FB Blueprint: Legit af. I haven't even taken. On my to do list.
Google Ads: Not a positive, but not passing it is a negative (if that makes any sense). Like, "You are in digital marketing. You couldn't find an hour to clear this?"
Others: Bleh

Rajesh Garg

Apart from these, can tou suggest any other things as well!

Varun Surana

Good for biodata in maximum cases, not for resumes 😝

Rajesh Garg

Woah! So can you suggest some of the better options?

Varun Surana

depends on the uses, maximum companies who are smart treat these certificates as normal paper but many small or non technical companies got impresses by such certificates...

Reason : Maximum certificates are being earned by copy paste / cheating scam:(

Rajesh Garg

Woah, Is it? I didn't knew that! But at the end of the day recruiter always knows, how much you know and can implement!

Varun Surana

that's why said learning is important without. Doubt... But you only know that your skills and certificate matches

Arbab Usmani

They way institutes are giving certificate free like dhania with other stuff. Many people stop considering them as parameters.

Also Google certificate is for professional if he is fresher and flaunt his certificate his interview will not be of fresher level

Instead ask him to spend time in sharping his skills

Rajesh Garg

Yes he is doing that but kind of confused right now at initial stages, so thats why I was taking some suggestions here!

Arbab Usmani

Focus on execution

Certification zone is a trap especially for freshers

Rajesh Garg

Ohk Sir! Thank you! Will definately consider your points!

Ra Ghu

my 2 cents, Certificates do not guarantee a job, but they certainly add as a validation to your skill, so if he posses the skill then google certification will act as a validation to his claim

Rajesh Garg

Thank you for your suggestion! I want to ask are there any other courses that can help here?

Ra Ghu

I would strongly suggest google certification, it is a validated certification has good recognition in the tech sector. Core Skill and presentation skills are very important as well

Zain Siddiqui

Ofcourse get certified. You need knowledge to clear them, it forces you to study and brush up.

Also, if he is doing only for placement sake, then thats sad. It will only help put a foot in the door.

Rajesh Garg

As this is his started phase, he is little ambiguous about his decisions! Time lagega, he will learn! I will tell him to join rhe group as well!

Sooraj Kumar R

That foot in the door is an interview shot, yes? That's what even a a Harvard degree or diploma can enable.

Sure it may not open the door to companies like Google the way Harvard can, but it's still a foot in the door considering we're talking about a fresher here.

Somya Jain

Opt for certificates that offer pratctical training and make you act in the right direction.

I would suggest him to opt for digital marketing internship by deepak Kanakraju.

It's a 2 month program which is pratctical oriented and follows the approach of reverse scholarship

Rahul Rajvanshi

Hubspot recruits growth marketers those who have taken courses from reforge & cxl.

Its extreme value.

Read this on Hubspot Recruiter's blog.

Rajesh Garg

Ok! Thank you! Can you share me the link!

Sai Krishna

Rahul Rajvanshi This made by Day! Found something solid on the Internet after so long. Thanks bhai. Subscribed to one of their Course, on CXL. Excited!

Vineet Nandan Gupta

Certifications are worth it. But, it doesn’t get you a job.

Rajesh Garg

Ok! may be as other pushstarters said, gives you an edge over others!

Vineet Nandan Gupta

The edge is for yourself. You get an option demonstrate it.

Sushant Shekhar

They're definitely better than the offline ones. Also, no certification would guarantee a job.

Krinal Mehta

They’re all worth the effort, coz you learn plus also get accredited.

However, while starting out, I wouldn’t recommend doing all. I’d rather focus my energy in any one channel and try to master it.

Once you gain significant experience with one channel, try expanding your skills to other channels.

That works better, at least for me.

Shivam Malhotra

In real world,only skills matter.Pieces of paper hardly help until and unless they were printed in Ivy leagues or IIT-IIM's 🙂

Samir Kumar Sah

Yes... He is absolutely right. You don't need certificates degree.

All you need is portfolio or showcase.

SEO--- show me your own blog seo if you can't prove or show for other client.

Content Writer---- Show me your sample writing.

Video:--- show me your video.

Social Media:--- show me how you grew your Owen following or for any company.

Change ur mindset.

Everyone doing DM. Can u prove it you actually learnt the things.

Do watever. Training, coaching. Or no coaching. Just show results.

BTW learn core skills of marketing.

This Facebook ADs, Google ADs blah blah you will learn fast. No brainer.

What you will not learn is easily is core skills:--


User Empathy and Psychology

Content Creation

Marketing communications

Do not read tool books.

Read Seth Godin to start with.

Harshad Moray

These certificates are more centric towards products training! The strategy part comes when they go in the market with that tool knowledge. As Arbab said, good for freshers!

Karan Arora

It helps.

Niranjan Bala

Certificate are probably not worth it , education sure is.

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