Ashu Srivastava .

The app “bubble”!

Startups lately has seen app development as a big strategic tool to penetrate maximum market.

There’s an app for everything! Be it of any use or not, but there’s an app for it.

Not just one, but 100s of clones are simply lying there on app store, waiting to get installed for nothing.

So, are we in an App bubble?

It seemed all good to the point when apps made paying bills easy, a hassle free task, or finding jobs or something that required a better alternative in true sense.

At the moment there are over a million applications on app store and merely handful of them are having a justified operational model, making a meaningful businesses, given the market trends.

Video calls? Order food? Up-skilling yourself?
Atleast a dozen of apps out there doing the exact same job!

Here comes the problem.
The app ecosystem is being misused by people for their own economical advantage!

Example - Edutech guys are upselling their products forcefully to parents taking complete COVID-19 advantage, bypassing the fact that kids are required to control their screen time at such a nascent stage.

Lately, ban of 59 chinese apps have now formed a precedent opportunity to come up with indigenous innovations but Janta chose to build tiktok clones out of the enitre list of 59!
Some of them are even getting funded and I don’t understand how the freaking gigantic valuations justify the real value such platforms offer, besides generating traffic in large quantities but have no quality!

To add cherry on the top, media houses do the rest and people who are actually trying to build something meaningful, are left with sheer hopelessness, left in dismay and experience lack of motivation because all the cash, support and resources are finding their way to tik tok clones!

I have met and known dozens of people in last 7 years who are trying to build some ground breaking tech, completely from scratch!
From smart IoT products to life saving healthcare solutions but the immediate need of capital puts a full stop to their endeavours right there and avoid these innovations to happen!

Take a look at the highlights here:
1. Every app on your smartphone is replicable. Translating to a no defensible edge.

2. They make you lazy in the name of making your life easier.

3. Kids and potentially loads of adults know PUBG, call of duty, ludo king and couple others as the only games to exist in 2020. The concept of outdoor gaming is gradually loosing momentum.

4. Surprisingly new comers now understand and think of mobile application as the ONLY starter package as a first step to bag millions of dollars.

5. You just don’t buy a brand new smartphone. Instead you purchase hell lot of subscriptions alongside coz if you won’t, you’ll probably miss out.

And the list is endless!!

Is it going to be a pure valuation and money making game forever?

Are real innovations going to own the market anytime soon?

This may turn out to be harsh for many and a relief for some!

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Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

Repackaging the same product/service under a different name/brand and delivering it to a segment of the populous which hasn't used that type of service has become the norm.
(Nobroker, Magicbricks, 99acres)
(Ola, Uber, Rapido)
The list per se is endless

Ashu Srivastava 

Haha bulls eye!

Look at the irony now.
The same experts who were discouraging the long screen hours back until 2019, are the ones writing essays over how video conferencing clients, food delivery services, edutech apps are “disrupting” the game!

Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

Totally, no offense to the experts. I manage sales for a startup that helps preschool and Daycare Management through our line of apps. Now we have received an astounding number of requests asking to develop an online classes feature for these kg kids. It's a unique situation that we are in, hope this tides over soon.

Ashu Srivastava 

Building featuring system completely online for kindergarten level kids sounds no less than a disastrous request.
I’m sorry if it may come offensive, but KG level engagement is meant purely to drive a personal interaction and an iPad screen surely can’t mimic the art.

Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

exactly, we've explained this clearly to all our partner schools.
There are multiple blended curriculum like the Montessori, where it is highly important for the physical presence of the teachers, who help the child have a wholesome development.Even premium franchises have stopped conducting classes and offered an option to homeschool the child using blended learning.
It pains me that some educators want to tech-overload the little ones.

Ashu Srivastava 

Ecosystems have now become a main area of joke.

People are diligently finding random gaps and if found none, create unidentified loopholes and voila!
You have a stupid app destroying your early days of playing, failing and learning.

Ashu Srivastava

Neeraj Joshi I remember we once had a long hour discussion on this.

Neeraj Joshi

VCs need to give returns to their LPs, if they have an option of choosing between a high risk, unproven and innovative startup and a low risk, proven and might not be that innovative startup, most will choose the later as they would want to have max ROI for them and their LPs from their portfolio

As VCs won’t invest, angels would also not prefer to invest as if they invest and the startup doesn’t receive money in further rounds, then it will be their loss in the end

Ashu Srivastava

Dude you are telling me a classic chicken egg story.

Going by this logic, EVs should forever remain a paper formulated concept?

Infrastructures should never flourish and all people are required to do is buy expensive devices, purchase cloud storages and keep installing applications?

You know i keep my satisfactory experience with investing space and the point I’m trying to make is totally different.

Investments are secondary.
Any idea that’s in your mind for now can be scaled to endless possibilities if there’s shitload of cash on the table.

VCs return come at a later stage.

I’m trying to go back to the basics.
There indeed was a starting point to the inception of applications, few years back right?
It was all good until it reached a threshold and every tom dick and harry, securing a healthy exit (for examplesome rich guy invested early in OYO and took a 10x exit) makes his own micro VC fund!

Point is, there gotta has to be a space for others to flourish, grow and scale.

There aren’t any innovations around because there aren’t suffice resource!

Also, take a look at the admission stats.

In the last 5 years, almost 60% or even more of the candidates chose computer science as university major (which is wonderful and I’m not at all against that)

The problem is, the wrong vision.

I’ve seen 2-3rd year students commenting ki I’m learning development to finally build an App aage jake.

Is this the vision you think should new generation be keeping up with?

Raman Sarda

Exactly! My dad to me: "There have been many apps that are banned now right? Why don't you create some alternatives to them?"

Like isn't there any other idea? Bas app banao toh paisa mil jaata hai?

And here I am planning some smart systems for bank safes with Arduino and raspberry Pi. But my dad wants me to build alternatives to tiktok and helo.🤷🏻‍♂️

Ashu Srivastava

Haha. I feel you mate

Ashu Srivastava

Neeraj Joshi, read the use of Raspi and Arduino reference here.
Dude i kid you not HW is indeed a big deal with a stupendous potential!

Lekin no one knows about it. No one talks about it.
VCs are too smart to understand how IoT and HW economics.

Talent who knows HW and other areas are forced to switch their careers interest because, the world!

We are looking at an area that actually adds visible value, can be touched, felt and hold technical defensibility and advantage!

I highly recommend HW/IoT me kuch initiative lena chahye community me.

Sustainability and impact solutions are direct use cases!

Vinay Jain 

Completely agree Ashu Srivastava.. Very well said ..

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