Amborish N .

Schools are increasing their school fees and charging bus भाड़ा even during the lockdown period.

Parents can protest but cannot do anything beyond that.

Why is govt not making policy to make home education/learning a reality?

Why CBSE and other boards not making the online certification a reality?

You just need to pass exams right? that too from a certain syllabus!

If CBSE, ICSE start providing online certification till 12 it would be a death blow for all institutes and tremendously help rural. remote students learn from expert teachers online and get certified.

The middleman will be removed!

Either way, school teachers teach privately to make more money. They would rather make more money teaching online remotely - full time!

Anyone in govt or CII/FICCI listening?

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Anuj Kushwanshi

because you don't learn life skills sitting in a room and never socializing. schools environment plays a big role in building a character and defining what you are going to be in future. telling you as an architect as when we are designing schools a whole lot goes in just understanding how students will be interacting

Piyush Soni

I also agree with you here. School life is all about interactions and lessons learnt there. But then how would we fill the gap of eduction when we are not allowed to go there??? Do you have any structured solution to this??🙂

Anuj Kushwanshi

that let them play. we have been able to survive with so many diseases in past, we can survive with this one too. in india we are always about keep kids safe by providing softer flooring and what not. in japan they are ok with kids getting hurt once ina while. its all about how you perceive the threat, corona is not going away anytime soon, and so many reports now that we have to learn to live with it, just let infrastructure be ready after that open schools which now seems to be the goal of lockdowns now

Amborish N 

You can socialise in park by joining clubs where they learn and play! school isnt necessary

Anuj Kushwanshi

so many people here, do you see any of them socializing? if given a chance no one would look beyond their phones. school is a forced way of people learning basic social etiquette which i don't think will come from facebook.

Amborish N

never mentioned learn from facebook! there is internet beyong facebook youtube and whstapp

Anuj Kushwanshi

my point was given people the option of socializing on their own, my not be good idea, especially young kids who have their first friends in schools, get stories to tell, find reasons to fight or team up. these are building blocks for healthier individuals

and schools teacher started teaching privately because demand came first, imagine your kid is not doing well and since you don't have time you hired private tutors. today a kid is spending more than 8 hours being at tutors or schools. Plus i don't think schools will ever die, for example lets say kids perform less, and there's a school which provides great results, automatically parents would send kids to that school. when you are a parent you are best for your kid, so looking for best schools and it automatically increase their demands.

Piyush Soni

And in most of the cases selection of school is all about marketting.
Akhbar me jiska result sabse accha hoga (real or bought), parents will send their students to those schools only!!!

Anuj Kushwanshi

true and given our indian parents wanna churn out more engineers doctors and mba graduates, everyone wants the best opportunity

Pradyumndev Jodha

There is NIOS.
And if you follow and try to watch all Doordarshan channels on your TV, you'll find, everything that you asked for is already there... Available.
It's just the mindset of people that push them into following the herd

Madhuri Sen

I'd believe that's the logical future of education, covid situation or not. It's just more effective and efficient! But it's like turning a mammoth ship. You can do it only at a gargantuanally slow pace, so as to not go under. The wheels I would like to believe have been turning for a while. But realistically we are probably a decade or two away from seeing this turning into reality. The tech is the easiest part. Content, delivery and mindset towards certification are the primary challenges. Even today, online graduation or PG degrees and certifications are considered a lot less valuable, just as an example.

Piyush Soni

Yeah but dont tou think being online would take care of the education barrier but what about other soft and extracullicular skills??🤔

Madhuri Sen

I'm not saying children of the future would never meet. But you don't need them to gather at one place 5-6 times a week for 5-6 hours each to imbibe social values, soft skills or for group arts or sports. "Schools" of the future may continue to cater to those needs in different ways. Each of those might even be broken up into different formats. Eg. Residential areas may have their own set of facilitators, trainers and coaches who use a community hall or neighbourhood sports areas. Field trips and camps could be more frequent - not just holiday treats. There are already a few "parent cooperative" schools. In a "phygital" education model like this, even with both parents pursuing careers - supervising a child's true education (not just a certificate) would be a lot more efficient.

And I speak as a parent of a son who's just got done with his final year of graduation. And I believe that with the current education system his primary education was at home. The school was only part of the unavoidable but redundant system. There was no way that if I'd left it to that system, that my son would have been life skills equipped. If I could have helped it, certainly wouldn't have sent him through that archaic system. They certified him, that's all. And this is one of the most reputed ICSE schools in Mumbai.

Rajeesh Nair

Well, I am not against Schools charging fees during lockdown but my question is what it is for?

Yes, the teachers have to be paid, so do the waiters, chefs, reception, and other staff in the hospitality industry. Do they get paid if nobody visits orbooks a table or room at the restaurant or hotel?

Will the migrant workers get paid during the lockdown? Will the rickshaw drivers, salon owners, and other businesses affected during the lockdown get paid as well?

Well, that's totally a different scenario and I am pretty much aware. I know the comparison isn't valid as schools are a subscription-based model while the others are pay-as-you-go model. However, my question still remains, what are they charging fees for?

Are they finding a way to make sure that students don't lose sessions or lessons or cut down on the syllabus during a lockdown?

Are they going to approach a tech giant like Microsoft or Apple or Samsung to create some gadgets that students can use and it is easily affordable paid via installments included in the fees collected over the span of next 5 years?

Yes, the teachers must be paid but not at the expense of parents income and children's future.

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