Bhavik Jain .

Service providers vs Startup founders!

Why does the world place startup founders on a Higher stand?

I have observed a disheartening disparity in the ecosystem! 🙁🙁

I have been working in Client Servicing for reputable B2B Service Providers for last 2-3 years now!

These service providers provide services to numerous Startups directly impacting the Startup's Business Growth at all stages like building their MVPs, products, online presence, lead generation, sales, marketing, branding etc. 🤩🤩

However, nobody in the media, communities or anywhere is talking about agencies like Schbang?

Why is the world only interested in talking startup and their achievements/funding status?

Agency owners are somehow looked at like Traditional Business owners and not 'Entrepreneurs/Startup Founders'.


More than 70% of Pushstarters are from a service background!

So you tell me is this something that bothers you as well or is my observation void?

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Ankit Kumar Bhagat

It is just because only business owners know about these agencies not the consumers of these businesses

Deepak Singh

I think service agencies have a less reach as compared to startups! Thats why this disparity is there!

Rajesh Garg

YES I agree here to some extent! People do talk about startups, how they have achieved so many things but no one actually talks about the team behind uplifting those startups! Its these service companies

But what I think here is service companies most of them in my perspective have this image of working with behind types and they don't get that recognition as startups do

Bhavik Jain

True its high time these service companies should also be recognised! It would be better for a lot of early stage startups!

Mohammed Abdul Rafay

Rajesh Garg I think most of the startups sign agreement with the agencies regarding the same.

I may be wrong in this but this is what I think!

Shikar Sharma

I think these agencies should soon start their advertising through startups😀. May be in that way they get a better recognition!!

Bakulesh Rane

Now Everything is Branded as Startup Only Example Jio😂
The most dangerous business is businesses working to provide services to Startups - SideBeam, Y combinator funded

Bhavik Jain

Yes exactly providing services to these startups is a big deal! So I think these agencies should be termed as startups only. Basically a company to uplift other company!

Rahul Rajvanshi

Bakulesh Raneits called slidebeans and they are not y com funded they are 500 startups funded and a very bad example and they are making crazy growth

Harshala Chavan

They don't fit the definition of 'startup' as per startup India. They aren't innovative businesses too

Bhavik Jain

Yeah but they do help them grow at least!! Startups ka faayda to hota hee directly!

Harshala Chavan

why does it matter? The question is whether they should recieve startup status of not. They don't fit the bill, so no.

Bhavik Jain

Yes exactly! Startups also provide us some or the other solution in a form of product or service!
These service agencies give services to these startups.
The purpose is mostly same. Only your customer changes! So why not?

Harshala Chavan

maybe you need to check up with startup India's def again. As per that, I don't think they fit the bill. Usage of tech, being innovative, creating scalable jobs, being scalable businesses etc. There are many things that a traditional service provider wouldn't fit the bill into.

Ashu Srivastava

For the same reasons why a car manufacturer wouldn’t glorify where they got their seats, music system and every other accessory from!

Service providers will continue to make great products but will they ever take the chance to drop off the pay check and beer the market risk themselves?

Since ages, foxconn has been the backbone for the iPhones, until recent years when people realised what foxconn really is.
But again, you admire apple for all the iPhone job they did and not the foxconn right?

White labelling is such a sweet phrase yet holds the entire power to turn up the tables upside down!

Shivam Malhotra

A major difference is that its easy to provide a single service to multiple companies instead of building a company and manage/perform full stack roles of that organisation.

Though Schbang is a big player and they excel at what they do (one of the best in industry right now) still there's a difference which is hard to explain.

apart from this,koi dost ho schbang mai toh connect please😛we're looking to connect with top agencies.

Manoj M

I run a services company and i am happy to be an enabler than get all the eyeballs. Agencies often sell an expertise and that expertise is usually dependent on a small team which churnes out these services and because this is human dependent its not rapidly scalable.

Also most of these agencies want the customer to be happy and hence focus only on limited number of projects at any given point and hence they usually shy away from the blitz because they dont want to take more than they can chew.

Bhavik Jain

Nice thought! I completely got your point here! But the thing is if they would shy away from the blitz, just to make customers happy, how would they grow?? Don't you think people should start acknowledging them?

Manoj M

Thats the whole point. Growth is not always the priority. One may do just 4 projects in a year and still be happy. These 4 projects do rake in a moolah for them and still enjoy life, see the world, spend time with family etc. a small agencyin Austria works only for 7-8 months in a year and then go on a holiday! Most agencies provide services to put food on the table and are “satisfied”. Handling scale needs a different set of expertise. Not everyone has that or probably even want that. And with respect to acknowledgement, the best way they get an acknowledgement is by getting a referral from a client. My own company is running purely on referral. Hell i dont even have my website live😛

Ratnesh Karbhari

I am working in the same space but want to build something of my own as well coz I feel its not really scalable as a product is.

Bhavik Jain

Ok so you are saying in terms of your experience or like every agency?

Ratnesh Karbhari

as per my experience

Koi bhi kuchh bhi bolta h uske experience anusaar hi to hota h wo...

And if you want to take up more work you have to hire before getting work... Or you are tied down by time...

Product me you can launch something... generate revenue... pay yourself and then hire for growth from the money your business is already paying you...

Sushant Shekhar

Service providers provide the same service as 1000 other companies, and that service is surely valuable.

On the other hand, a startup founder starts selling something he is not even sure if its even valuable, figuring out with hit and trial.

Bhavik Jain

Eventually startups also end up providing the same product just like agencies! What do you say?

Sushant Shekhar

Depends on what definition of Startups you are looking at, I am talking about PayTM, OLA, OYO, Microsoft, Slack, Google, Zoho, AirBnB etc!

Some are big players today, started as a startup with less than 5 people. Definitely took longer to be successful.

Not to forget, for every unicorn made, at least 10 competitors are dead.

Harshal N Shroff

You cannot invent a new word without not defining it.

No agency bussiness can grow beyond a 200cr valuation in india. And the road to that goes thru various hops of managing good service and the abilities to crack brilliant deals....but the key is toget GOVERMENT spending on your side....with good service. The last one is a very very very RARE Skill.

Entrepreneurs on the other hand are TECH inovators they find a way to EXTRACT some part of data i.e give a commodity.

So no both are diffrent also schbang, is a good agency for brands based in South Bombay😂.

Bhavik Jain

Yes, work is different, ideas are different but both works for the same purpose that is growth! So should'nt they be counted as equal?

Harshal N Shroff


The earlier works for a marketing ROI by providing a CREATIVE idea.

The later works for a disruption to reach the audience at the lowest cost....disfranchising and by passing the traditional RULES.

They may be similar but not congruent....get it ?

At the heart of it ITS a fight for first party data...and Creative agencies like the one you mentioned know that and hence have an analyics wing around them, right ?

Amit Gollen

Media won't talk if it is not getting paid. I received a valuable advice some months ago: "Do not follow what people say, follow the numbers."

People don't know what they want until you tell them exactly what they should do.

Your pain point is kind of related to this inference. Are the service companies doing good business? Then people do care about them. Numbers never lie.

Indian economic development is based on services business only (remember call centres in 2000s?).

Startups providing services to startups is a background operation.

These startups skip the limelight because humans are shallow thinkers. Until you are a businessman yourself, you won't know what actually goes on behind the scenes.

And therefore I would say... Just follow the numbers. If numbers are good then people like the services based startups. Even though they don't explicitly talk about it.

I hope I have driven the point home:)

Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar

Startups are about growth, not funding.
Services = Opex issue
Otherwise called as the marginal cost of production problem.

Hence all folks who want hyper sustained growth would need to be productised.

This is the biggest reasons why services startups don't get focus from VCs or Media.

Ronil Mehta

I think both provide immense value to the world. But solving a previously unsolved problem is risky. A startup founder needs a lot of motivation to take such a risk, since the probability of success is very low. If the world did not appreciate such risks, progress would slow down.

Deepanjan Datta

Start up founders are at high risk zone; so they attract vc money for high gain. Service providers are not at risk zone, so its difficult to get vc money unless they provide something very unique.

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