Leelasaidev Boddu Guru .

We received 242 internship applicants for our 6 open WFH positions at Kriyo via internshala.
When given a screening task, we received only 60 submissions.
That's a 25% submission rate. Have you guys faced something similar?
Do the students just randomly apply for internships and then not follow up on them in general?
Also, many of them want part-time internships as they're associated with more than one firm. Thoughts?

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Arunaday Basu

I recently did one ad there. 100 applications. Rejected 60. Out of 40, around 35 I sent an assignment. Only 2 of them have done it till now. Though I hired one out of them already.

Ansha Dixit

That is a sad situation. Students aankhe band krke apply krte hai randomly.

there should be something done from the end of platforms like internshala to avoid wasting time on recruiter's end

Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

Yes and on calling a majority asked me what's the JD, what's the compensation, jabki sab kuch already likha hain internship post par

Krishna Arora

Leelasaidev Boddu Guru because they mention stipends to attract people sometimes lene jao toh 5k dedete hein😑.
Dono side gadbad hoti hei

Leelasaidev Boddu Guru

Krishna Arora ha bhai aapki baat sahi hain. Par sare employers ko generalise bhi nai kar sakte hain na.
I agree there are companies that are unjust...

Akhil Kumar

Faced this couple of time , lot of students apply and do not turn up even for interview

Piyush Soni

Same situation happened with my professor in my college. She wanted to hire interns. Almost 60 applications came and only 15 appeared for the test!

Aman Arora

I can relate to it. Startup I work with received 209 applications recently for a position but when we cross examined, found over 80% didn't pay any attention to the job requirements. Majority of them applied by the Title ... Apathy is, of those 20% just half turned back with the given test assignments and rest half got some kind of emergency at home, family or personal health issue.

The Freshers nowadays are completely ignored about the real situation out there in the market. They have tuned a blind eye to the competition and have got "will see when time comes" type attitude.

In a nutshell, if interns complain about getting awarded useless tasks at the startup, it's all bcoz of the attitude majority of interns have for nowadays.

Krishna Arora

Ofcourse they do that because it makes sense.
People leave you hanging in between for so much time.
The recruitment process is very slow and everyone wants immediate joining.
Half the time the details mentioned are not 100% correct. They write decent stipends but lene jao 5k haath mein de dete hein. Both sides hei issue.
Not to mention waiting times for interviews i have waited over 6 hrs when the interviewer was just strolling around talking.
Also i am not alone my friends struggled too.

Amboriish N

Expect quality to be around 5%
All students don't bother to read or reply
Yeh sab mass scale hai

Quality has decreased

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

I received 5000+ applications, was impossible to check them, so I sent a Google form to all, 500+ filled. I sent the assignment to them, 40 did it.

Neeraj Joshi

good way to generated leads bro😂

Chitman Kaur

I give assignment as part of application and make it clear that it is mandatory. I also keep stipend low so people who really want to learn apply. Once they are selected i mostly pay then more:-) These two tricks have helped me a lot because otherwise 1000 people apply

Snehil Singh

What I observed is that students work for multiple internships and evaluate. This allows them to take calls as in which one to go ahead and complete.

Bakulesh Rane

Many doing 3-4 at a time WFH kills the quality

HaRi Krishna HK

My college forces every student to apply for atleast 10companies...it doesn't matter how many of them got selected.And recently they got award from internshala.

Aavinashh Kumar

Posted a 3 Month internship with possibility of PPO, had 3 vacancy. Got 162 applications, 40 were totally unrelated. Screened 122 remaining and found nearly 30 of them already having a job/contract. Finally came down to 50, gave coding assignment. 12 Submitted, 4 of them had same code, even the variables. Only 5 had made it. Got my 3 only to find out 2 of them already had a placement offer from a MNC and their joining date was 4 months away. They did not disclose it till the end of the first month

they took it just coz we were offering 25k PM. Nevertheless we had to terminate their contract premature as we wanted someone to stick around. The one that stayed is still with us. It's been 3 years.

Neeraj Joshi

They apply with their eyes closed😅

Tungasri Chaudhuri

You will be lucky if 2 out of that sticks the entire internship .... they have no patience

Satyam Tıwarı

I was in that phase too, I wanted internships and tried various platform.

Internshala was one of them, applied to 30+ internships got selected to very few.

*Selection Ratio is very low*

Sometimes recruiters take a long time to respond, like if I have 4 weeks vacation if the recruiter is replying in the 3rd week, what should be done? This is why many people apply to multiple internships.

Again, the stipend is generally very low, people apply just for security in case they don't get other internships(yes it matters, students provide their time, internet charges etc).

Other is, sometimes recruiters want fully-fledged full stack developer in 5k per month internship, is this even possible? If someone is a good developer, he can make 50k+ by working as a freelancer. Sometimes they apply just to make your life hard and make you realise how this feels.

Students from mostly private institutions are not trained with soft-skills and other important kinds of stuff, students are afraid to talk to recruiters, how they gonna respond etc.

70%+ students just want to get a certificate, that's why you don't get a reply from them. (Major reason)

I have just pointed out some points that my friend and I faced during our college time.

Arunaday Basu

this is good information. If Internshala people are here, please tag them admins. If not, others can make a product out of this info.

Pratyush Shrivastav

I think this attitude is not a problem with students specifically but people in general.
I had so many people apply without reading the JD on AngelList that after a point my first message to applicants became, "Have you gone through the job description carefully?".
And guess what? 7 of 10 replied with something like, "Oh sorry! I didn't mean to apply for this."

Ashu Gupta

They don't apply to just one intern. They apply at multiple places so it's natural that many of them might have already got an intern somewhere else. 25% is still decent in my opinion.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Bound to happen man

Swagata Kumar

This is the common problem . Most of them looking at Internship as an warning opportunity and not as learning and growth

Karan Arora

Yeah I face the exact same issue. Honestly. The interns aren't hard-working enough, have no professionalism, and are terribly poor at basic communication.

And yeah they do multiple internships at a time. The worst part is every one of gives COVID as an excuse when they realize they suck and can't work nor learn.:/

Niranjan Bala

Getting screened candidate is a good start up idea

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