Binita Mehta .

From past few days I have been reading articles on work from home being the furture! 🤔

Where I see it as being an alternative and not the furture.

We have already had work from home for various classes of employees. Certain job roles such as engineers, IT employees, some HR roles, consultants etc can work from home.

Finance, Insurance and companies having proprietary applications will find it difficult to work from home. Or when you are factories or building a product that can’t be done remotely!

What about the employees complaining about the boundaries between work and life being almost disappeared. We have always been told to keep our work and life different for happy living!

If it does become the way of work then, what needs to be done by the organisations for their employees?

Will the organisations be ready to spend for training and development to get equipped to new work form home?

Are we ready for AI world?

What would be the new home etiquettes?

How will the Managers keep track of employees productivity??

How would you prepare your workforce for the furture work and the alternative methods you planning to use for your organisation?
Do let me know what you have to say!

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Khushbu Davda

Specially service industries where you need to learn a lot of soft skills from each other, work from home isn't a permanent solution

Piyush Soni

Yeah My friend told me the same. His learnings hampered due to his wfh. All he does what he is said to do. No unique ideas!!!

Khushbu Davda

we're finding it difficult align our design with the new team. We've recently hired, so it's a bit of a challenge. Older teams still find a way out

Piyush Soni

Yeah understand your situation very well, all you can do is video chats and calls.
Don't worry, we all would get through this🙂🙂

Khushbu Davda 

thanks, we're just compensating by working harder ourselves

Gautam Koundinya

GDP growth of a country is massively dependent on Consumption.if consumption goes down all these WFH jobs will suffer too.

Piyush Soni

Definately agree with you...💯💯Consumption is directly related to production.... As a result work would suffer

Deakin Daney

WFH in India will never happen as it is being projected because
Most of us live in a joint family
For most of us specially in metro cities we live in small apartments where privacy is concern
We are not as committed as westerners towards WFH
Employees will abuse this privilege by slacking off
Employers who know this will usurp employees time even more. No line between home and office will exist

Finally we are an agrarian economy with a bit of industrial output. Just how many of us will get to WFH is purely negligible. It will hardly make a dent

Your question though in right spirit really will not see a clear answer till six months from now.

My two cents...

Vishnu Saran

WFH cannot be a solution since it's proven to have lower levels of productivity and a huge psychological impact. There are rising levels of disinterest.

Not to mention the years of inertia build up among mid level and senior employees who are used to working in a physical environment.

Rahul Rajvanshi

 All the posts and buzz you are seeing is more from solo founders or small agency owners. Couple of large corporations did that too but I think they will soon get restore to normal.
Work from home is a culture which you build from day one, directly just shifting one day is not as easy as it sounds

Krishna Marathe

As most as possible WFH is way to carry on in current situation, today don't know how
WFH, will work or effective. It's totally depends on type of organisation. But ita sure that post corona work culture will not be same as earlier. Performance, genuineness will be the most important factors

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