Akathma Devi Nimmagadda .

We all say data rules. But, honestly how many of you hear deeply measure and analyse Google analytics data of your websites and take decisions?

If you are doing so, what business are you running? How much did it help you? What challenges you faced?

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Krishnan Govindraj

Data reminded me of something tangential - Whether we're over-reliant on the metrics we use and whether optimizing them really optimizes our objectives.

Geet Kiran Aneja

I run an agency biz with my partner remotely, we started off by taking every marketing channels and tracking mechanism like GA seriously but the client work got the better of us. So, I guess GA is suitable for certain kinds of businesses to take decisions based off like media sites, SaaS. However, I have noticed even they don't take it any serious - know few product co's whose even GA wasn't set up properly.

Sarthak Aggarwall

It is challenging to do deep work in India,

America even has wrestlers full time,

I can't imagine a lifestyle like this in India,

you have so much to think on, no social security in place,

opportunities are rare diamonds

That id the cause of much mediocracy.

A phD in xyz in America runs a highly respectable VC firm named FloodGate just on her insights from data

Aishit Jain

I interned at a startup and was a part of the marketing team. Daily we used to create reports using Google Analytics and then have a small discussion on what created a particular trend. And if we found out something positive we used to follow it.

A good tool, I must say.

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