Faisal Zia Anwar .


  • Understanding what the word means: Leverage refers to a higher ground you have in a particular field of work. For you it could be your network, for me it is my team's online marketing skills for D2C businesses.

  • Being where the people of influence converse: Find out who are the important people in your niche. Not just the rockstars, but those who are making an impact. They could be founders, CEOs, CMOs, executives...anyone.

  • Use platforms to your advantage: Don't just confine yourself to LinkedIn. Extend. Twitter is a good place to start off. Facebook, another B2B networking goldmine. If you use #cofounder on Instagram, you will get some brand founders too.

  • 100X on two to three platforms: Your intention needs to be privy with these big folks. They should know you, and what you do. It takes time, but is surely worth it


  • Share your results: Share how you are helping people generate results. That adds to the authenticity.

    Do this daily. It is manual, and a lot of fun tbh.
    Be a smart networker.
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