Rohit Nair .

What kind of a content would you recommend for Social media of a College? Any Social media or Content Creation experts who can help me with this?

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Ashwini Nair

This question is akin to asking what clothes should one wear. That would depend on if it's a formal occasion, casual outing, your mood etc...the choice is endless.

I would recommend, put down your objective, who you want to target, what kind of information they generally consume and look at how you can marry these in a way that's unique to the brand you want to do this for.

Rohit Nair

Haha nice example. Target audience is 18-19 as per the college owner but we need to have a decent content as well for the parents. Middle class kids. What would you suggest?

Ashwini Nair

When it comes to picking a college, students essentially want to know they'll have fun and land a high paying job at the end. Parents want assurance of quality and want to know their investment will result in a high paying job for their kid.

Both wantto same ending but both need to be spoken to in different tones.

You could look at showcasing a mix of life in and outside the classroom, alumni showcase with their place of work, reviews from parents and students, so on.

Diptesh Das

Colleges want students. Students want colleges. Though for college there is no specific target students (as far as I know) students/parents select colleges based on:

Streams they offer
Placement and trainings

Now college should basically target parents more than students. So there should be easy and convincing posts like for each stream based, an example can be: "If hitting the mud and ball is your boy's passion, don't restrict him within LOC of Mathematics. Our highly trained faculties (braggin...) can proliferate his mind to drive his towards his dream 'Goals' something like this🙂

Rohit Nair

Will not be running ads on social media. The lead generation campaign targets the parents. We need to create attractive content so when a student encounters with the page, he finds it attractive. Hope you getting what I am saying!

Saurabh Rastogi

For students

Lifestyle images of events, daily life at campus.

2 Crousel posts instagram: Keep the lifestyle image in first crousel and infographic in second.

Example (student at internship in first slide and infographic of college internship tie ups in next slide)

Lifestyle images will get you more engagement while the information can be shared in second slide. It's a win win.:)

For parents testimonials from people working at reputed organizations will do the job. Maybe some snippets about alumni of colleges.

Feature the alumni on page.. in caption mention about their achievement and in snippet video let them share their testimonials.

Somya Jain

Content for college should focus more on visuals rather than the text part. And text even if a small one should hit them hard.

So in your case focus more on creating innovative captions that will help them to ponder deep and take action if the need arises.

Piyush Soni

Motivational content! Art related contest! Contests etc! Can be some of the great things!

Harish Uthayakumar

I make videos on freelancing and vlog my college life

Krishna Arora

1. Photos of events (fest , debate , sports etc) [zoom meeting ss]
2. Photos of winners in competitions
3. Sanitization
4. Campus photos
5. All festivals
6. Occasional inspirational quotes
7. Testimonials of previous batch (pic of student side mein text)
8. If its a tech college then coding mein announcement or just a guessing game for carousels else business quiz types

9. All faltu days in a year environment day,education day , heart day , psychology day etc.

10. User generated content : performance by students posters , song playing , poem etc

11. Courses they offer and vision motto etc.

12. Placement companies list

Also use a specific filter on all of your images for a tuned look

Anamika Chawhan

Video testimonial or memory sharing by students and profs

Aditya Raja

I suggested my University to match winning student experiences with integrated brand USP. Have been trying to do the same, works like charm.

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