Sai Krishna .

Hello #PushFam!

What's a growing Niche in the blogging segment that's expected to see a boom? Which sectors should most likely be concentrated by upcoming bloggers, to be profitable in the longer run?

Your time is much appreciated.

Thanks Much

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Apurva Raj

GPT-3 based blogs in every sector will boom.

Sai Krishna

are your referring with ML&AI? If not, could you please explain in lay man terms.

Apurva Raj

Yes I am referring to AI specifically to OpenAI’s GPT-3

It’s in exclusivities beta and still someone tried posting content generated by GPT-3 on their blog and it got top ranking in HN.

If you want to do something for long term, think hard and do something that AI can’t.
In your case, if it’s about blogging, you must pay heavy attention on how GPT-3 will affect it content space.

I don’t know what’s growing niche as so many sectors will have it’s own growing niche but whatever niche you choose, make sure you do something extremely unique that AI can’t easily do it.

I won’t take too long for GPT-3 to change paradigm of content generation on the Internet as we know it.

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