Satyajit Saha .

Hello pushstarters,

I need some help in setting up an online art products store where I will be selling stuff like stickers, fridge magnets, portrait art prints, custom notepads, etc. So I am starting this setup up with my wife who is the artist and I will be handling the rest. Now my point which I require help with is:

Which is the best website for selling such products to reach most audiences? Branding and advertising will be done via Instagram. But i want to understand which would be better, Instamojo or Etsy? If there is anything else that is better, that too can be considered.

Would be really helpful if someone can advise me with facts like which website has most traffic from india when it comes to such products because this is a niche market. I dont feel Amazon would be ideal though. Etsy is bigger but mostly for US markets and then there r problems with shipping overseas. I am not sure about the number of audiences who visit instamojo. So any help on this regard would be very helpful and much appreciated.

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Abhishek Samant

Okay. So in India, the most popular websites are Amazon and Flipkart. And then the are others which follow but then their traffic will be lower than the two that I mentioned above. Also you have the option to set up a store in your website, set up a payment gateway and then market that. This would obviously be the more time consuming and expensive process.

Satyajit Saha

but the products we are pushing arent well advertised or searched for in amazon or flipkart. So i need a website that suites those products i sell specifically. Hence etsy or instamojo. Is there anything else we could consider?

Neel Mehra

U can speak to my cousin sister she does something on same lines (not same) since few years, and doing good, through her own webshop + Insta + FB

Yes, U are right, Amazon & Flipkart dont work for these niche products, although U shud still keep listed there too ! etsy has indian version too, if I am Not wrong ? And also try zilingo

Anaggh Desai

Many factors such as how are you different than the others? What are your expectations? Are you building a brand or job work. And many more

Satyajit Saha

my expectations are to sell pan india like any artists out there.

I am trying to build a brand as we plan to do it full time. She wants to become an independent artist by selling her work. She is good at what she does and i am not saying it from a husband's perspective. I would never invest time in someone I dont feel confident about.

If u go through instagram u will find various artist who sell their artwork. We are trying to work on the same lines. I want to understand which is the best way to reach indian customers in bulk for that kind of product.

Ps. Checkout artwati on insta. U can dm me with ur views if she can make it after going through it. I will surely appreciate that.

Bharat Garachh

I think you are planning to start print on demand


You will sale readymade design

Sandeep Balaji

Satyajit. Since you are starting afresh, I would high recommend your own stores. And today it's super easy to use a stack - low cost and integrate with your domain. Now from a marketing point of view- I would recommend a combination of insta, FB, one arts specific marketplace + Amazon. Just list a few selected SKU's in the marketplaces ( Brand and Traffic). Hope this helps.

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