Vaarun Bagaria .

Hi! I sell hairbands!
My brand is super tiny.

I made a small ecom site for my products on wix yesterday. Took a couple hours.

Didn't do my research.
Their gateway only lets one pay via DC/CC.

Can anyone suggest a better alternative? I'm looking for cheap alternatives. So Shopify probably won't work for me.

I like how easy Wix was. The payment limitations was a big con tho.

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Bharat Garachh

wordpress is better, one time investment in domain and hosting for 1 year, while in shopify you have to pay every month, If you want in wordpress then let me know, I will build for you

Akhil Kumar

Try paytm small business gateway that's a economical alternative or a woocimmerce site in wordpress, use the free domain to develop with subdomain


WordPress + Woocommerce💯

Gaurav Mittal

Stick with wix. Take cod orders or insert PayTM QR code.

All other options are either expensive or require development effort.

Once you scale to a 500 sales per day kind of figure, switch to shopify.

Nikhil Jathar

Use if you deploy your store in a day. I can offer you good price.🙂

On the side note we have razorpay and instamojo integration. Also official whatsapp integration will be deployed soon.

Daksh Jaiswal

you don’t need to look for an alternative. Just add buttons for Razorpay (that will allow you to accept wallets, UPI, etc) - this is possible via a zapier integrationI’m sharing a link to explain here -

If you face any challenges, feel free to ping me!We are Wix partners, Shopify certified experts as well as help with all other e-commerce solutions.

Hitarth Sheth

You can use other payment gateways in Wix like Razorpay. You can also enable COD option. PayU is there inbuilt but isn't that good.

Vamshi Raj

Create an instamojo/Razorpay account for free > create your product there > copy the link and paste the link in the 'buy now' button on wix, doing this people can easily pay you through instamojo/razorpay which allows all the payment options.

You can DM me for further queries.

Minakshi Dahiya

Wix rupees payments are partnered with PayU. Change your currency and country in setting it will show by default.

Anaggh Desai

Explara - Santosh Pande

Shitij Malhotra

Don't do WordPress woofommerxe right now
Make a paytm store or a instamojo store

Neil Philip

Razorpay is good, else for your requirement, even instamojo might work.

You can also explore Zoho commerce which might work best as well!

Good luck!

Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Instamojo store

Trisha Agrawal

Hi Vaarun Bagaria. I had set up a wix store myself but the payment integration part was so painful that eventually we left that there and set it up on woocommerce. Thankfully now we are up and running and accepting payments via Razorpay. Good service and rates on Razorpay. Pushstarters can avail of a deal through Tarun Savita Rajaputhran

Tarun Savita Rajaputhran

Trisha Agrawal thanks for the tag. Vaarun Bagaria We should soon be on wix too. Till then please let us me know if you would like to consider using razorpay ?

have you tried using Zoho Commerce ?

Vaarun Bagaria

Haven't yet. As of now, I'm looking to have as less of an outflow as possible.

Ill look this up. Zoho's pricing.

Tarun Savita Rajaputhran

Anyone who is looking to get started with Razorpay PG, special offering for fellow Pushstarters. Use this link on your web browser. Feel free to reach out to me once you have created the account. I’ll get you in touch with the right folks internally for some fancy perks courtesy the Pushstart association.

Dhaval Wathare

Bit late to this party, but you could get this going pretty easily with ZERO hosting costs - at least for the first ~million hits each month. And extremely cost-effective compared to wix or any other service, even after that. I was planning to write a guide to this in a month or so - but if you're really keen, PM me.

Vaarun Bagaria

Which one Dhaval?

Dhaval Wathare

Not one, but a combination of steps & tools. Something I figured out over the years as a marketer turned developer. Note - using well known / premier services. No shady shit.
Think landing page + blog with a nice editor tool called publii. here's a quick example - me for a demo around your insta images
If you like it, I'll transfer it to to you for a small one time fee.

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