Sumit Saxena .

Hi, Can anyone suggest a payment gateway to make small payments (between Rs. 25-100)? We need to make 5-10k such payments a month. Razorpay charges Rs. 4 per transaction under Rs. 1000, which is prohibitive for paying small amounts of the order we are looking for. Thanks for your help

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Abhishek Singh Rajpurohit

Try instamojo

Chandra Shekar


Vishal Rawat


Vinay Kevadia

Stripe is available in india now, check about the pricing

Raghavendra Ganiga

For such transactions TraknPay is better

Akhil Kumar

Are they fixed payments? I wid suggest hdfc enet facility

Sumit Saxena

no, not fixed

Akhil Kumar

Do u need to process it real time/instant ?

Sumit Saxena

Yes, based on a trigger

Shaurya Chauhan

You can try PayU or Paytm. Both are offering zero transaction fee till 1 lakh per month.

Anaggh Desai

Santosh Panda at explara

Paritosh Sankhla


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