Bhushan Gaikwad .

Which platform you use to hire interns? Why?

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Shraddha Patil


Dheeraj Mehndiratta

From next week onwards everyone here will say "mergeintern.com" ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€

Marvyn LP

Don't use one of those platforms because I really wasted a lot of time. WorkIndia, Internshala, and all the other regular job sites give you lots of responses, very few candidates that have even read the description of the job, forget about being an adequate fit.

You'll find people looking to break into industries at events, so while that isn't an option now, I hope that the virtual platforms being used to replicate those experiences will have an effect

Dheeraj Mehndiratta

Marvyn LP I can help you in finding interns from my platform. We have a pre-screening process which filters the suitable candidates. Also, we providing Web. Dev. + ui/ux interns only.

Hardik Lashkari

LinkedIn ๐Ÿ˜€

Deepanjan Datta

I tried internsala, full bakwas, did not get anybody who fulfil my requirement; then i picked up my phone, talked to few IIT professors whom I used to know for a decade and they told you will not get anybody with this job profile in India. Khel khatam!

Bharat Garachh


Demla Pawan

Internshala or any other portal works for you, if you know how to design your job oriented assessment test for applied candidates and filtering the right set of interns for further rounds.

Without doing own homework, claiming the sourcing partner doesn't work is not a sign of active recruiter.

Ankush Mehrotra

All the platforms widely popular are good for sourcing candidates. One needs to know how to screen and shortlist among the applicants.

Internshala is the best name so far in that regimen.

More upcoming platforms should beat it to lead the way

Thakur Vishal Singh

Strange Reviews

Surender T Natarajan

Hardly any platform works .

Referrals have worked best !!!

Rob Peck

We work with a local college that we like. Tried platforms in the past, didnโ€™t have much luck.

Sayon Mondal


Rajat Prasad


Abhijeet Dhanraj

I tried many. Contact colleges directly. It's more productive.

Swati Pandey

Internshala/ Linkedin

Kanishk Gupta


Devyani Saxena

Internshala has worked well for me. Used the platform thoroughly in 2019.

Some things to note:

1. Pay attention to title, description, stipend and each detail. To get good quality interns, it requires decent quality effort from recruiter's end.

2. I usually posted atleast 2 different opportunities for the same role by paraphrasing the title/desc. Helps attract more applications.

3. Do provide stipend/non-monetary benefits to interns. But to keep a check on quality of applications, it's a must to include strong questions (atleast 2) in the application form to check for required skill set of the applicant.

Other than Internshala, references work wonders! Example: references from selected few candidates, ex-interns, your network, connect with few college placement POCs etc

Shachindra Saxena

Referral works best for me. Used Linkedin as well sometimes.

Sampath Vuchuru

Recently I hired 2 members through FB groups, I have them small task for checking their seriousness thn hired

Vinayak Kejriwal

You can reach out to Verzeo.in, their team can help you.

Anil Sardiwal


Sumit Mukherjee

Although internshala doesn't have great quality but it provides you with so many options that you're ultimately satisfied.

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