Ginee Wadhawan .

Can someone help me with the best video maker app. Tried many but not a single one good

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DrNeha Savla Shah 

Photo app of windows 10 is good

Ansha Dixit 

Recast studio- the founder is also a Pser Abhinav Sohani

Zain Siddiqui


Abhinav Sohani

Give Recast a try and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or face any issues.

Ginee Wadhawan

surely will conect soon thanks

Ajay Ramkumar

Its Canva for Video making!!

Ginee Wadhawan

tried but cnt find many features

Ajay Ramkumar

Subscription plan would benefit High end requirements🙂

Varun Vashista

Monika Ben 

OFFEO is the best video editing app I've tried, I LOVE IT

Abhinav Choudhary 

Kinemaster video editor

Girish Mohan

James Raj

Phone app - inshot is pretty decent.. if u r looking for an open source video editor software openshot is good.

Alet Viegas

I'd recommend Canva for Video &

Deepan Poddar

Shotcut is pretty good. Lot of features, and free of cost.

Ravi Topwal 

Wondershare filmora

Jessica Sawhney 


Akanksha Kharé

What kind of videos are your looking to edit.
I edit the videos which are basically All screen records so Imovie is best but since my mac is broken
I am using Camtesia.

P.s anyone have any contact of any MacBook repair ppl ( authentic ) to whom i can contact? Pls let me know.

Nishit Kumar Madia

which city for MacBook repair ?

Akanksha Kharé 

Navi Mumbai

Nishit Kumar Madia 

Dmed you

Shirish Gupta

Powtoons. I have used it. Plenty of features in free version

Sidharth Kumar 

Davinci, steep learning curve but a pro tool.

Praful Mishra

his one is used by professionals

Sidharth Kumar

yeah it is. Also free so.

Praful Mishra is nice 1

Harshad Moray

As you said, you tried many video making apps, but couldn't find the right tool.🤔

Let me ask, what are you trying to create? and what features are you looking for within apps?🎥

If you could find a reference and share in comment, then, I might be able to guide you in right the direction!!🎯

Ginee Wadhawan

I have a page on facebook internationally which is a non profit organization so we keep having events n promotion regarding it.

Harshad Moray

the question is rather technical, as in what kind of editing you need via these apps?? Features, effects!

Are you going to do it yourself or a videographer is going to work on it?

Ginee Wadhawan

both depending upon the promotions

Harshad Moray


There are online web apps which let you use template based designs and voila! Social media friendly videos ready to be uploaded! These apps have easy learning curve!
• Canva (
• Powtoons (
• Adobe Sparks (
• Create Studio (✅
• Renderforest (✅

Then, mobile app based video editors which let you edit mobile recorded videos. But, personally I feel, a small mobile screens is bit tricky to achieve precision in timeline.
• Inshots
• Splice
• KineMaster✅
• Videoshow
• Videoleap✅

All these mobile apps demand your phone memory and RAM, you may face heating issue in long run. Few affordable, few expansive for beginner.

And lastly, god level softwares. Professional ones.🤩
• Adobe Premier Pro
• Adobe After Effects
• FinalCut Pro

Prajakta Shirgaonkar

animoto is good... good templates & easy to edit ...

Kashish Kumar Paryani

You can checkout these video editing softwares for Windowsm may be it can work -

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