Ganesh Kumar Anegodi .

What are the best ways to activate/reactivate users?

1) I have a huge dormant userbase. These are old users who were interacting with the app earlier but have not returned to the app for more than 3 months.

I have their phone numbers. What are the best ways to reactivate these guys?

2) I acquired a database from a third party source. I know these audience have interacted with similar businesses in the past. How do we reach out to these guys?

Looking for some innovative ideas apart from your regular text messages and IVR calls.

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Neeraj Tiwari

1: Assuming you charge for your product.

Cold call all of them no matter how large the number is and also send what's app and SMS from time to time. If it is a paid product, call them.

2: Assuming you do no charge them now, and may be later (not decided when)

Send them what's app, sms, do targeted marketing content, emails or better hire a marketing agency to do this.

That's all.

Pranav Agarwal

You don’t need to run behind dormant users. Think of ways to add new users and keep the ones you have. That’s where the meat is

Shivam Malhotra

There's a reason why they aren't using the app and you probably know why.Save your money by acquiring new users not re acquiring old users because acquiring a new user would be cheaper and better for sure!

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