Mahi Mk .

Hello Pushstarters, here to get some suggestions from the group.
A friend of mine is working on making education accessible in rural areas and in the process is looking to find a
1. Decent webcam with an inbuilt mic.
2. That could be plugged into a PC or Android box.
3. Cost preferably not more than 1000rs.

Would something like this be available? If you have used it, it would be great to hear more about your experience. TIA

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Meenank Minnu

Logitech c270, costs 3000 now. Rest all are terrible. Done my research, thank you

Mahi Mk

apparently the cost is 4k now due to the unprecedented demand

Meenank Minnu

try finding an offline seller. I dialled 100 stores to find one selling it.

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