Rajesh Jain .

I am looking for an application to conduct webinars a better substitute for Zoom.
Till now have been conducting webinars on Financial Planning and Stock Market on Zoom. Now am exploring for a better alternate. Tried Google meets and Jitse but their user experience is not as great as Zoom.

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Varun Tulsyan 

You can try GoToWebinar

Rajesh Jain

 Thanks Varun. Just checked. Looks good. Has annual paid plan. dosent have a monthly plan like zoom.

Matt Rowbotham

 What challenges are you finding with Zoom?

Rajesh Jain

 Zoom no challnege its the best I trie till date. Many of our webinar partcipants ha concerns about zoom primarily after the MHA advisory. Few corporates have even blocked installtion of zoom in official systems.

Bhuwnesh Shrivastava

 Try Zoho meetings

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