Vanshi Mehta .

The biggest goal for any brand:
Empower humans through the use of their product/service.
Make them feel like the hero. Always.

There was zero discrimination towards sexual orientation, skin color, body size, age or visible and invisible disability in that sentence.

Then, why do brands more often than not stick to the ‘expectations’?

We like happy endings
It’s the safe choice

The result is perfectly imperfect representations.

I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘risky’ move to be realistic in branding, it’s actually bold and needed in 2020.

Every single person deserves the same opportunity.

SUGAR Cosmetics - thank you for the reminder that branding needs to be inclusive and real. Makeup is a tool to empower.

2 other brands that I can think of:
Tailor&Circus who manufacture unisex and high quality lingerie - their imagery, real bodies with the flab and cellulite.

The Man Company who had Ayushmann Khurrana reciting a poetry on ‘Gentleman kisse kehte hain’ (Who do you call a gentleman).

These are just 3 examples.
Thank you for taking the path that should’ve been taken from day one, but wasn’t.

I’m not at all polarizing in favor of these branding campaigns.

We need more empowerment, less discrimination, more realism in our branding.
That’s all.

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