Vanshi Mehta .

So. I am a digital marketing noob

Do I just boost a post? Or do I like do ad manager and stuff stuff

Also I only have an instagram page and want to boost only on Instagram


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Sayan Saha

Then you can directly promote the post from instagram, no need no use adsmanager if you feel it's complicated

Piyush Soni 

But does'nt you feel ki using ad manager would be benefial??

Sayan Saha

*if you feel it's complicated*...I used this quoted line for some obvious reason, hope you didn't get it:)

Rahul Anand

Don't boost. Use ad Manager. Boosting post is simply waste of money. Don't promote Instagram profile directly from Instagram. Use Ad manager for that as well.

Sneha Malhotra

Dont boost post on insta.. use ads manager. Its much more micro directed to your audience.

Mohammad Farhaan Riaz

Boosting post is like a tip of the iceberg, the real glacier is in the Business Manager & Ad Accounts. You'll have better control over pixel, bids, targeting, placements while having a better ability to read metrics like CPC, CPM, CPA and all that jazz

Piyush Soni

Totally agree with you. Using Ad manager should be the priority.
Did you faced this delimma in your experience?

Mohammad Farhaan Riaz

Initially back in the days, yes. But now I have an agency, my team makes Business Manager with several ad accounts and shared pixel as a contingency plan

Nikhil Mutha

If your budget is low go for boost. As ads manager can be a bit complicated for first timers.
If you have a good budget or plan to run campaigns for a good period of time go with ads manager. You will have better leverage over your targeting plus you also get a deep analysis & reporting

Shreyash Oswal

First get clarity on what you are trying to achieve and add it to question.
Is it a simple product you are selling like a tshirt. Then I won't suggest boosting. Go for ads.
Or you are trying to increase brand awareness, then boost only the posts which has gotten decent engagement currently.
I am no expert but defining clear goals might help even an expert to give you clear strategies.

Vanshi Mehta 

personal brand page.

Shreyash Oswal

boost your top posts which has lot of comments or tags.

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