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The myth of posting content daily

A majority of us post content in an attempt to get business, get leads, make more connections.

I have been there. I guess we all have.

The math makes sense too. The more you show up on the feed, the more people will know you.

But we are all marketers here and as per the principles of copywriting every communication should be ROI driven.

But I see a lot of people, rather than optimizing on their copies and their offer do the following two things:

1. Post engagement baits: These are the 'What is your favourite book' and 'Who is your favourite entrepreneur '. It has always amused me. And yes it does generate business, but the desperateness shows.

2. Scraping topics from the bottom of the barrel: I have seen a ton of people desperately pick out topics from the bottom of the barrel. Largely because they have done so much content that topics have vanished. How many times can you talk about 'Profile optimization' and 'Hashtags strategy' ( No offence to anyone, these are just topics I am picking at random since I see them a lot)

Your lack of content starts to show after a while.

You start posting to stay relevant, rather than to add value to a community.

So what should one do?

1. Assess impact your posts and communication make. Even a story and an experiential post with no CTA makes an impact.

2. Learn and master storytelling. Design a consistent story about yourself. Be it GaryVee with his story about buying the NewYork Jets or Russell with his story of the Potato gun.

3. Add CTAs. For some reason, people are sparse when it comes to adding a CTA. People hate thinking about what they need to do, so putting that in the copy helps your engagement and bottom line.

4. Pick a frequency. If you are abundant in content like a certain Mr Vaynerchuk post it daily. But most of us don't have the team size or money. So start with a set frequency, and don't force content till it flows. Try not to miss those content deadlines.

I have been active on FB and Linkedin both over the last year and have used the platforms a lot for my content, and these are some of the observations I made. Every day I see people just posting for the sake of posting. The engagement, the likes, they can get you a high like none other. That drives the focus away from the things that matter.

Impact and revenue, in that order!

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