Sairaj Mahesh Nukala .

Byju's which is valued over a billion dollars acquired White Hat Jr for $300 Million 😲

This comes after the Central government released the new education policy which included Coding from Class 6th students 🧒🏻.

White Hat jr is a platform to learn live online coding for the kids. It's just 20 months old.

They connect the students with experienced teachers and charge individually.

White Hat Jr has over 5000 teachers and they assign 1 teacher to each student where they charge $10 per live session.

The matchmaking is perfect as Byju's and white hat jr has the same model of business.

White Hat crossed $150M ARR and growing at a rapid speed.

This is a major acquisition from Indian Edutech space and a perfect win-win for both the companies.

What is your opinion on Byju's acquiring white hat jr?

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Geet Kiran Aneja

This shouldn't have sold for at least 3-4 multiple of revenues?

Sairaj Mahesh Nukala

yeah. Totally true for a company who did $150M ARR in just 18 months. The valuation is very less but as it's full cash deal. It might work.

Pratyush Shrivastav

I read in some other article that they had raised $11 million so far and with $150 million ARR, I think they sold too early.

Rahul Gupta

One correction in the post... The deal was initiated a lot before nep came in news.. just deal got finalized recently

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