Rajesh Garg .

How to hire someone if the employer has no money to give to its employees?🤔

What else can be given instead of a salary?


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Prathamesh Baheti

Exposure! 🤣🤣

But serious answer: Equity. Shares. Future legal obligations.

Rajesh Garg

Prathamesh Baheti Yes equity, shares is a good option but would you think they will remain! Like with equity, some amount of salary should be there!

Prathamesh Baheti

Rajesh Garg That is actually dependent from individuals to individuals. Some have a risk appetite who would take higher percentage of shares/equity and some who really need the cash in hand will require a higher component in salary.

In reality there will obviously have to be a mix between the two as equity doesnt put food on the table. But then it is not possible for a company to exist which pays 0. Then its just a hobby project or not fit to become a full fledged company yet. It has to have some revenue, some funding, something.

Harish Ibrahim

Offer deferred salary and some equity

Rajesh Garg

What is a offered deferred salary?

Harish Ibrahim

Rajesh Garg Offer his market salary as deferred, then offer survival salary, and defer rest of the salary, offer some esops along with that.

You have to put the shoes of employee and figure out what is fair for him.

There are people try to exploit in terms of exposure, investors can easily detect that, they won't invest unless the product is superb coz foundation of the team is not strong. If some vc invest in a startup like that, they know how to exploit these kind of founders.

explain what kind of hires you are looking, that will give better answers

Prasad R. Ganpule


Rajesh Garg

Prasad R. Ganpule Comission as in! Thoda elaborate kr do🙂

Prasad R. Ganpule

Rajesh Garg Make them responsible for the job they are doing... if its development mark it against delivery, if sales, completely commission based, if customer services, put a 5 star rating and make payment against the customer rating.. so each and everyone person who wants to work gets a clear idea about their responsibilities.

G Rajesh

If you can't pay, don't hire!

Pay less but no pay is not done. An entrepreneur can't be so zealous that he doesn't even think of paying for his people. That's bad entrepreneur! Sell home to fund project, but pay people fairly

Rajesh Garg

Not jealous but not in condition to pay for now! I know its obvious, no one would work but people might help here.

Just for the initial days!

G Rajesh

Rajesh Garg ok . If these people are key people and in very few nos. I would meet them and share my vision and future of the project. Convince them to work with sustainable amount and deferred payment which would be higher than they might expect elsewhere.

With revenue model in place, you will find money to propell

Preet Sonpal

Hire on a high risk hig reward basis, give them a part of your each sale. The higher the sale the higher the reward.

Once you reach a certain MRR, hire them on a fixed payroll.

But payment is a must! 🙂

Varun Surana

What if a customer wants work from that entrepreneur but can't pay. What that entrepreneur can expect from customer instead of money ?

That Answer can help to that entrepreneur but on a serious note....

If that entrepreneur doesn't have money means he has no sales at this point or he is working for a future project so either he alone can work or can find a cofounder instead of employee

Mansi Rastogi

Focus on marketing and selling so that you can get the money to hire. If you're not paying someone, it's not called hiring, it's called volunteering.

Aditya Raja

A future promise (of a better time)

Arun Mishra

Save till you can afford hiring the right person. There is a reason behind higher salaries of candidates. These are the people who bring a lot more to your plate and help shape your startup. If you cant afford full time employees, prefer quality freelancers instead. For example, I am damn good at what I do but I don't believe in equity. I would any day prefer complete payment in cash/ 80% cash + 20% equity at max.

Sibendra Mallick

Love 😅

Dreams 😅

Learning 😁

Learn How to Earn 😊

Intrapreneurship is the way😇

Rajesh Garg

What is Intrapreneurship?

Sibendra Mallick

like hiring an Entrepreneur under your umbrella.

Shruti Agrawal

Trust is all that matters. If you can entrust the employees that money will be flowing in 6 months then you can get them. Pay these salaries slowly when you have funds. And this way you get the right resources on board who are not money oriented

Surender T Natarajan

You can get someone part-time . They can work with you for a 10-20 hours per week for a deferred pay, if things go well for the company, they can join you. The motivation for the individual is to shift to get that kind of work, but currently, he/she is not getting that. For example, someone wants to work in the field of performance marketing and currently stuck in some other random role which they don't like, and you have that piece of work, they might be interested to work with you for a defereed payment. As a entreprenuer we may not get a perfect solution, we need to manage things through !!!!

Rakesh Kumar

Revenue share, they get paid a share of your profits.

Vinay Kevadia

Yes of course equity is the first option you can offer them but it is up to them will they accept equity or not, If you really have the passion and confidence for what you are building. You can pay them by selling home, taking mortgage, car or other expensive things you have till the last Penny in your pocket. I had seen such a people who had bet his home and had received massive success.

অম্বরীশ নাথ

Paisa chahiye else you will get co founder or lousy employees with no leverage or control over them

Get a investor or apply for loan from atmanirbahr package

Devang Pandey


Aayush Arora


People usually offer them to be a co-founder or look for untrained interns, if they agree to work for free.

And believe me, free interns hardly work or deliver what you would want from a start-up. If it's a hobby, go for it.

It's your startup, take a risk. Go take a personal loan, family loan or max out your credit cards.

It's unfair for somebody else to truly work for your dream for free.

You may be able to convince them to start. They might not work for long or be so inexperienced, you may need to train them a lot.


Madhav Agarwal

You can offer some equity alongwith future payouts

Arbab Usmani

salary tak na de sakte toh dhandha hi na karo bhai, ye toh bahut basic cheez hai kyunki agar salary dene ke paise nahi hai toh Investment kaise karoge aur business ka pahla rule hi investment ke raste se jata hai.

don't promise a better future if you cant give one

best would be a 2 man army and have a cofounder who can either invest money or invest his/her time but ownership must be there

Aman Pratap

1: don't hire

2: based on equity, look if he can work in spare time.

3: offer commissions on the sale.

4: support him with something so that he can return the favor, barter trading.

5: Better drop the idea, or start working with someone who is already profiting in same business.

All the best ahead mate.

Gourav Dhama

if you can't pay then you are not taking any risk. take a loan and pay people. You can't expect other people to work for free to make it risk free for you 🙂

Nirbhay Tripathi

If you have not money there is nothing wrong into this. Still you can do the Business. You make yourself an employee.

I can understand your situation very well. Everyone goes with this phase if he or she has not good network or not good financial base. Ihave gone through this phase and it's only solution is you have to be multitasking and one man army.

For example first you get some work or order do it yourself save that money, work and save, work and save

Repeat this untill you have enough savings so you can pay to one employee.

Now you have money to hire one..

You will save more time which you use on Getting more orders..

Again save, save save

Once you have sufficient cash flow hire one more..

You have two workers now...

You should work more on sales....

And this cycle should be continue untill you can build a proper sales and operations team...

There is no shortcut..

If you want to Cross a river an no support available you have to use your body and time as support..

All the best...

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