Vanshi Mehta .

I have a diabolical question today

I’ve been marketing myself as an independent consultant

Is it fair for me to say agency, if I don’t have an agency, but can find people and friends to do agency work

So like me marketing myself as an agency without the backing but then hiring gig workers when the project arises?

Like I could be a branding agency and whenever a project comes, do it with a friend who has an agency and can support?

Has anyone done this?
Is it fair?

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Mahi Mk

You can say that, but if your client asks you for details about your team, tell them the truth, tell them you collaborate

Amit Baliga

Yeah, you can pitch as a collaborator as well where you pick-and-choose from your trusted pool of partners

Vanshi Mehta

Oh. I didn’t think I’d get so many yes’s

Have any of you tried this out? Is it easier to convince the clients if you’re an agency vs if you’re not?

Rahul Anand

Vanshi Mehta, Yes. Client trust agency more than individual. Sometimes client look for complete solution, that's where agency comes into play. You can hire freelancers on project basis and get the work done.

Souniya Khurana

hey Vanshika, of course you can. And honestly it is more to do with the authority you bring with your expertise and credibility as someone who has done that.

And with your belief in the value you have added for the many brands you may have worked for and with, do not downplay on your authenticity just because you do not YET have a jazzy snazzy agency set up. Of course find the right people/ partners to collaborate with on need basis, leverage your network. Find people with complimenting skills and network to cross promote and collaborate better

Vanshi Mehta

Rahul Anand, can we chat on the weekendb

Rahul Anand

Vanshi Mehta, Sure

Khushbu Davda

There's a legal difference between an agency and a freelancer. You have to have a registered company, gst number etc. Your contract with your client will be drawn accordingly. I'd suggest keep it lean at the moment, more clients are open to freelancers now, cos it'll be cheaper for them and you don't have the overheads of keeping up with the files.

Varun Joshi

It is absolutely fair, however i represent myself as an individual consultant with 360D resources, I am into dual business (HR-Recruitment & DM-WebDevelopment), I had to diversify into DM-WebDevelopment due to current situation...

Vishal Dahiya

That's how I have been picking up gigs as a production house :)

I've registered a sole proprietarship, but have done full fledged projects for a ton of brands over 8 years.

It is actually a good approach as it saves your fixed costs and salaries and you can always update and hire your team based on the budget of a particular project.

Vanshi Mehta

Vishal Dahiya, can we chat on the weekend?

Vishal Dahiya

Vanshi Mehta, definitely

Vimal Sharma

I have many such experiences where I wanted to build something from someone and they said we have agency and when asked further they told me that they are giving my work to a developer further. I was only concerned about the quality and delivery of my work which they were able to. So I continued...

Sooraj Kumar R

Until You can actually have a team of Your own employees, I'd suggest find a middle ground. You can use the word 'consultancy', because that's what You're really doing.

Ashish Mohanty

Even a company is represented by individuals and at the end of the day what matters is service delivery and if that is done well then the individual branding succeeds.Coming to the rigmarole of delegating and stipulating project work you may work on contracts administration and negotiation.It is the individual interface which comes into play and if you are functioning as an independent consultant or as a business person through enterprise vehicles like proprietorship,Pvt ltd company or collaborative model it’s the service delivery,repertoire,brand posturing and positioning,goodwill that eventually matters.All the best !

Ankur Jain

Just register yourself with GST as a proprietor and you are an agency. And to make it more like agency just go for a name that sounds like agency. I don't think there is any formal definition of an agency. When ever needed hire gig workers. And do not over exaggerate about your agency to any client. Tell them more about you and your strength.

We started a private limited company with out even having an office to work from. Our initial employees used to work from client offices under the pretext of additional free of cost hand holding support and on job training. We rotated them to different client offices for almost 2 years to keep the cost down 😀

Jaikishan Prithiani

I have been doing that for years now. Initially in India and now in Canada

But to keep your consulting growing hire on contract exp people ( who think like you)

Madhumitha Uday Kumar

I generally visit my vendors or service providers in person before starting work with them. If they are in another city I talk with their team on a video call. If some one says they are an agency I would expect 2-3 employees. It might be misleading. But I am sure others might think differently.

Avinash Kewlani

Hire a white label service provider in your niche, market yourself as an agency, get a website for your agency & get the ball rolling.

Siddharth Jaiswal

I recommend it, adds trust that you’re not just an independent freelancer but will manage other people to get work done (if required).

I used to freelance with an agency name but ensured that my clients know it’s just me.

Anaggh Desai

Yes. And yes. To be transparent say Vanshi Mehta and Associates.

Piyush Suri


Vanshi Mehta

Piyush Suri, tell me why ?

Sarthak Aggarwall

Vanshi Mehta, You might confuse your clients, risk being not transparent

communication and how you do it matters, keep thinking and exploring until you know what is right yourself

like the coin toss in pitchers ;)

Piyush Suri

Thanks Sarthak for saying what I had to. Vanshi - this is about positioning yourself correctly. An agency projects that you have a team etc, may be not be very authentic/trustworthy to go down this road.

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