Bhavik Jain .

"It is harder to be a founder of a product if that product is unrelated to your field."

What are your thoughts on this statement, was it harder for you when you started creating a product which was out of your field of expertise?

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Krishna Arora

Although it is an opinion in my case not experience take that how you will.

Rakesh Balireddy

Myth! What holds people back is the lack of guidance.

Bhavik Jain

 But lack of guidance is a problem right?

Rakesh Balireddy

There are many entrepreneurs working to solve this.

Bhavik Jain

Till then what ways do you suggest one should follow

Rakesh Balireddy

understand the fundamentals of the business and take measured risks

Matt Rowbotham

Yes, definitely harder. Domain expertise is invaluable to the founding team.

Bhavik Jain

Did you build a product outside your areas of expertise?

Matt Rowbotham

No, I chose to build it within my area of expertise for this exact reason.;)

Neeraj Joshi

Obviously, takes time to get to the depth of things but on the other side, lack of any prior biases helps in building a unique perspective on things which accelerates the process of innovation

Govind Chandak

Alternatively, managing a product out of your domain expertise is also a bit of challenge. But this just takes more time to understand things and put it on table, be patient enough to absorb the new stuff then no one can stop you.

Tarun Jakhodia

You wouldn't have found it, if it was unrelated...whenever u reference to something, as in "my domain" or not and I often find myself zooming out to find life is my domain, hence nothing under the sun sits unachievable.

Manish Chauhan

Harder, Yes. But i suppose there is hardly (pun intended:P) anything about Entrepreneurship that is 'not hard'?

Everything is difficult before it becomes simple. Whatever you don't know how to do - is hard. Once you learn how to do it, it's not hardanymore.

So if you are starting up and find a great problem statement and market opportunity in your field, great. Prefer it. If not, then don't fret. Don't let it be the deciding factor.

Vishnu Saran

who is an engineer and then a Hedge fund manager co-created Arboreal which is end to end farming, producing and processing stevia for consumer use.

I think your statement can be tweaked to "it is harder to be a founder of a product if the product doesn't inspire you"

Like SaaS for me it's very meh.

Craig W Brown

The biggest trade off isn't domain knowledge. It's networks.

If you already work in the industry you have access to people in that industry. If you are an interloper you will have a harder time connecting to the market.

Nilesh Dama

Not really .. I think the basic underlying principle of product creation is extremely simple .. yes there may be lot of technicalities per say in a creation of a product .. but as a founder u just need to have a clear vision on what the product needs to do.. how it possible is a job of experts

Nilesh Dama

I would rather focus on what the product needs to do and which market will it be for .. making of the product can be left to experts .. and In this journey it doesn’t take long for a newbie founder to become an expert

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