Rajesh Garg .

I have seen this post don't know where exactly but curious about this idea!

Can we build a marketplace of internet hotspots hosted by us?

As mentioned, the app basically allows you to purchase or sell internet/mobile hotspots access with relative ease.😀😀

From the seller side, we have to enter information about the network and receive some generated things to change in our network configuration. We would then be listed as available networks in the app.

From the buyer side, we have to view information about which networks are available and connect. Once we disconnect from the network, we will be charged (based on a rate the seller set).

I feel, this could help with data overages and roaming charges, especially if there's a lot of sellers.🤩🤩

What's your feedback on this idea? Would you be interested in such a product?

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Jayanta Samaddar

As a non-technical guy sounds interesting and disruptive like what AirBnB did to Craigslist but maybe data providers can remotely do some kind of disabling....no? I'm not sure. Sounds like they'll be the ones to suffer.

Rajesh Garg

I don't think they would suffer because amount of Internet usage would be same, they would be given price for that. It's our take how we would use it!

Jayanta Samaddar

they would suffer because...a lot of this data is unused and that's profit right now for them. This will make less people recharge, people would rather share the unused data. That's the whole point of your solution I am guessing.

Harshal N Shroff

MVNO is BANNED in india and reselling data may get you double taxation i.e gst + Agr

Also WANI framework is something that is being tested. On 802.11g wifi networks.

Rajesh Garg 

Oh is it? I did'nt knew that!


well, there will be a lot of security problems with this procedure
maybe a seperate hardware with more secure protocols would be effective

Pranav Agarwal

WiFi Internet use is now almost free in public places.
Plus for international travel the packages are very reasonable now. Matrix type plans also aren’t selling.

Shivam Malhotra

well sorry but I'm not a customer and if I wont buy the product myself then I wont even think of building it.

also the answer to your question is a definite yes,we can build a marketplace but whether we should? I dont think so.

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