Naresh Shetti .

Idea Validation Post

Would you be interested in sharing your work space?
Eg: a couple of seats in your current office on a hourly or daily or long term basis, music / yoga / photo studio, warehouse or so?

I know there are co working spaces but they have their challenges.

How would you accept something like a airbnb for workspaces?

Suggestion / thoughts / scrutiny / criticism is welcome.

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Harshad Moray

Love this idea! I have a institute space in bangalore which is vacant till 03:00 PM. We made it with so much love and passion, we don't want to let go and was exploring to make it a collaborative space ourselves! So why not! We should minimise losses and utilise resource fully.

Arunaday Basu

I see that you have posted this 5 hours ago. Which means that you are completely aware about what's happening in the world in the last 3 months.

Simple question, do you know why are the co-working spaces closed right now? Or rather, haven't been allowed to operate?

If you're doing your research about your idea, you would know that someone has launched a service called Work From Mountains (WFM). Logical. Very.

During Corona, you wanna "share" your space?

You're looking at the financial aspect that the guy isn't making money. You want the guy to die?🤔Like, literally, of Corona?

That's the risk you're taking with the service.

Pranav Agarwal

Hi Naresh
Your thought is exactly what every coworking space has ; the only problem is see is the person who has to rent the space isn’t willing to do So now
In current situation you’ll be full of people wanting to give up few seats but not nearly enough to want to rent.

Naresh Shetti

agreed. However will it be helpful after the whole corona thing has normalised?

Pranav Agarwal

yes it’s May if people who are hosting are open to allowing outsiders into their offices.

Naresh Shetti

well these concepts are proven outside India. Not just office but for sharing warehouse, yoga studio, fitness studio etc...

Terms and conditions will be set by the 2 parties.

Sathish CP

I don't think so I would do that now. Even if the situation is normal we might prefer to give privacy and enough space to our team members, as our office is designed as per our comfort, preferences, culture and work style.

Naresh Shetti

this is definitely a wrong time. however when we consider that wfh is going to be a norm as the pandemic fades off positively, and when companies have realised that people can work remotely, wud it make sense to find a closest workspace to your home in case you dont want to work from home?

Awaiting more critical feedback on this thought

Arunaday Basu

I generally don't share details about CEASAR, the organization that we work for, but technically, if you're thinking about this, you're my competitor or if you want, my partner.

Because we are already discussing about this and in our team, there is a person who owns a business of renting out spaces in cafes and restaurants. And he didn't do it now. He did it almost a year back. So he has a running product of what you're talking about.

All we need to do is pretty much, sell that. The entire website with payments and all are working for the last couple of years.

Now the thing is, if you wanna do it you can do it, but what exactly are you gonna do differently during this time so that you will be able to sell that product?

You have to figure that.

Arunaday Basu

I actually see that you have been in the art direction business for some time. So you would know camera, photography and even cinematography.

Why don't you use your talent in your idea?

I mean, see, co-working spaces are boring, but with your knowledge you can easily make something that is as good as co-living.

The objective is to keep people as far as possible.

Do you know what Shantiniketan is? It's a concept of an open school made by Rabindranath Tagore.

Maybe you can make something like that.

Maybe the answer is not within the confines of 4 walls.

Maybe the solution to the problem lies outside.

No one told you to be a hero and save co-working spaces. They can be dissolved too and the money put somewhere else.

Think about this.

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