Bhavik Jain .

Can we make our calling experience better?

What if the person sending a message or making a call designates a Priority level for his response.🤔🤔

Wouldn't it make our call easy?

They'd correspond to something like this:

  1. Emergency calls which need an immediate response
  2. Prompt reply requested
  3. Reply at your own convenience
  4. Casual conversation

Users could enable this app on their notification panel which would show the priority level with all incoming calls.

The app could also be used to sort received calls and messages by their priority level.🤩🤩

What do you think about this idea? Would this make your call experience better?

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Vaibhav Tayal

Seems great on first look. recently I've also been brainstorming on a idea which could be related.

An app to help you maintain relationships with casual calls. The app reminds you of selective people that you might have forgotten to stay in touch due to busy schedule.

Would like to get views on this.

Bhavik Jain

Hey this idea is good as due to the internet we are connected to many people and many time we forget to follow up n maintain our relationship with them.

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