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Too busy to engage with Pushstarters regularly?

Small tip that can help you catch up with lost content during unfruitful travel hours on flights, trains and buses which pass through no network zones.

1. Before beginning the journey scroll down and download all posts from past week or few weeks.

2. Read each post and reply to revelant ones where necessary.

*Over the last year or so I have found replying to comments as a powerful source of creating recognition in a community so yeah, comment yourself crazy just like I did in this marathon Pushcatchup in the last 2.5 hours on my flight.

3. You still can make content (like I am right now) that will get posted along with your comments when you are back in network.

So go ahead, make use of the offline mode in Facebook and dont twiddle thumbs.

Having said that, I must say there is hell lof of content being published by this community each day and even this long flight of mine couldn't help me catch up with even one week of content. What are your thoughts on this? Is it good (admins will think yes coz it's good for engagement) or bad? (Its humanly impossible to consume and interact with all content)

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Neeraj Joshi

How do you download posts bhai?

Zain Siddiqui

post download manjhe you scroll down your feed. That's it. The post is downloaded. You will see it even when you are offline. That's what it means.

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