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The Content Mix that will take your PersonalBranding game to the next level

This, by far, is the most optimum content mix that has seemed to work. One can use it for your social handles and blogs

• 10-15% entertainment content - This will form an emotional connection with your reader
• 50-60% valuable tips and immediately usable information
• 10-15% weighty reference and higher-value content your readers will want to bookmark and return to
• 5-15% content that builds relationships with other bloggers, including news and links to other content
• 5% “selling” content that leads to affiliate promotion or a sales sequence for your own product/ service

Remember: Don’t get too hung up on precise numbers, but do try to keep your content profile around this general neighborhood.

What is the most optimum mix for you will be determined by your audience!
Some target groups want lots of entertainment, some like plenty of news and others want to form a strong bond with you as a person.

These categories can overlap a little but you can always improvise on your bit.

So study your target market and gauge what they would like coming from you.

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